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Siggy Loves Sausages

Siggy Loves Sausages: a Terrific Tale with Tantalising Tasty Treats and Sweet Rewards by [Brian Frederick]

Siggy loves being called a good boy, but most of all he loves treats. His favorite treats are Hortobagyi, and Fairy Cake but most of all Siggy loves sausages. As Siggy sets off on a quest to return a fancy bag back to its owner, he makes his way through a cute little village called Hope Hamlet, and is rewarded for his efforts with his favorite treat.

Through this beautifully illustrated children’s book we get to meet the diverse village folk of Hope Hamlet as Siggy zips past them, hot on the trail of the fancy bag floating through the air. This charming adventure story takes a magical twist and we learn the reason why dogs sometimes seem interested in something that’s not there.

This captivating picture book reminds me of the whimsy and adventure found in Roald Dahl books mixed with the magical antics found in the kids TV show Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom. Siggy the sausage dog is a cute and fun character to follow and children will love seeing the different ways his body gets twisted around on the page.

The art in the book is phenomenal and does a great job of matching the tone of the story. The illustrations are beautiful sketch art pieces that look like they are colored in with color pencil or crayon and is a perfect way for kids to relate to the art.

With a diverse cast of characters, a spunky little sausage protagonist and an enchanting adventure, Siggy Loves Sausages is a fun story that children will revel in.

Pages: 31 | ASIN: B099TRZTC4

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