Perfectly Poetic

LogieBear wants to know if brown bears are perfect. His Grandmother’s answer surprises little LogieBear. Grandma Bear tells him that yes brown bears are in fact perfect, for brown bears, and that every animal is perfect for itself. Grandma Bear and LogieBear then go around the zoo and look at different animals while she shows him what makes each animal special, different, and perfect for them.

Perfectly Poetic: Zoo Animal Haikus by Katie Anderson and illustrated by Donna Greenmeyer is a whimsical picture book about different animals you can see in a zoo. Their stories are told through Haikus and highlight what makes each animal special. The accompanying watercolor paintings for each animal were beautiful and attention-grabbing. I especially like the panda painting, it was vivid and had a lot of personality. The layout of the book is clean and simple, perfect for picking one poem to read at a time for babies or children with short attention spans. Each poem can be read alone and talked about individually, or it can be read all at once for a comprehensive message. I can see a teacher using this in class assigning each student a poem to lead off on learning about an animal.

While I enjoyed all of the poems, the last one was my favorite. The message of everyone is different, and everyone is perfect is so important for children. It is stated so simply and clearly that preschoolers can even understand the concept. Individuality should be celebrated and that is what Grandmother Bear does as she shows LogieBear around the zoo.

Perfectly Poetic: Zoo Animal Haikus is a beautifully written children’s book with eye-catching illustrations and charming poetry that will draw in children with its fun facts and simple format. Kindergarten and young elementary students will love reading this kid’s book and exploring all the animals it introduces to them.

Pages: 32 | ASIN : B09QXXDN96

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