Almost Like Praying

Almost Like Praying by Joel Samberg follows Dolores Farrell who had ambitious plans for her future. She planned to have it all, wife to an attorney, children who became attorneys and patrons of the arts who carry on her legacy. But life didn’t turn out the way she expected. She was a wife and a mother of five children who have all moved on to live interesting lives of their own. Daniel, A childhood friend of Dolores’s son, has become a journalist and has always been fascinated with their childhood stories while growing up. Daniel is compelled to write three stories, one, following Dolores’s family roots, the troubled adulthood of the oldest son, and Dolores’s relationship with the little girl, Maria.

Joel Samberg’s writing is superb. Which is not surprising considering he has a lifetime of practice in various jobs that often touched on writing in some way. He uses all that writing talent to turn one woman’s seemingly mundane life into something that is intriguing. Readers cannot help but become fascinated with the Kelleher family. This story will remind readers that plans always change and when you begin to look back at your life you start to realize just how different your life is from what you had planned. The author is able to expertly encapsulate this idea in this thoughtful story.

This can be considered a fictional memoir, as it felt authentic and and emotionally resonant. Again, in large part due to the fantastic writing. It’s writing that makes storytelling seem effortless, and serves to elevate a simple family drama into a thoughtful character exploration that is absolutely captivating.

I was able to easily connect with this family from the very beginning of their history; from Dolores’s parents, to Dolores growing up, and then watching her children grow up. It is a bit wistful, or it will be to any parent who has watched their children grow. On the outside, the family may seem like your everyday average family but slowly their secrets are revealed, and readers realize they are not as perfect as they seem. I really enjoyed the way the author methodically pieces together his characters as the story progresses. Every layer revealing something new. Watching the characters grow throughout the story is something that kept me coming back to this book.

The author’s writing has enough detail that you can clearly picture each scene down to what each person in the story is wearing. Samberg flawlessly weaves everyone’s story together, helping the plot to move along without confusion.

Almost Like Praying is a beautifully written and absorbing family saga that will appeal to readers looking for a contemporary fiction story about life and the various ways in which it can turn out. This is a charming novel that explores the drama of everyday life and I was pleasantly surprised to find myself engrossed in this book.

Pages: 281 | ASIN: B09S7Z1JYD

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