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Dancing the Labyrinth

Dancing the Labyrinth by Karen Martin is a story filled with myths, legends, and goddesses. Karen has woven a tale of the past connecting flawlessly with the future by covering the bridge with a vision of the priestess. Dancing the Labyrinth is a story that makes you question your beliefs. I love tales which makes you broaden your horizons and forces you to see and experience something different, something that changes your perspective. Cressida, whose life changed when she arrived in her dream country of Greece, stumbling into a tomb where she experienced the parallels of the world, the past and the future. The experience was divine, yet gruesome.

Author Karen Martin describes the existence of a matriarchal society. Many religions claim it to be true, but Karen captures the essence of it. The transition that shifted society to a patriarchal and violent nature, the story tells this perspective through Pythia, Ashtar and Lydia. The Priestesses, the embodiment of the Mother, the Goddess. It’s a tale of time, conveyed to Cressida through her dreams. But the story doesn’t stop here. Instead, with the help of Angela, Cressida tries to understand and to decipher what happened to the civilization, the existence of the tomb. It is a harrowing story. With the suffering inflicted upon women, to the modern world. Greek mythology is famous all over the world, but the perspective on it in this book is unique and intriguing.

The story continuously switches writing styles. The book starts casually and with contemporary language and then switches to old an older writing style. Along with this we also get switches in point of views. The story is also filled with Greek myth references that will definitely appeal to readers who are familiar with the mythology.

Dancing the Labyrinth was a rewarding experience. I love a story where mythology meets science and the premise was refreshing and made for a riveting read.

Pages: 300 | ASIN: B0985T8VTH

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The Women’s Meeting – Book Trailer

When Dr. Angela Morrison agrees to facilitate the women’s meeting at her church, she discovers the women’s shocking traumas are more than she bargained for. As she analyzes the intricate life-style situations of four women, she is lured into the horrors of her own past.

Anita, the pastor’s wife, lives a fantasy created by her parents, her husband, and the congregation. She is a character in a play, and her husband is the director. Unlike the theater, the action is real, the beatings are real, and her fear is real.

Ernestine Johnson is a woman driven by her quest for love. At the age of ten, her world is turned upside down when her father goes to prison, and her mother becomes a drug addict. To survive, she quickly learns the value of her body and before long she knows how to get whatever she wants except love.

Toni Brown is a woman trapped by hate and vengeance, and she is determined to punish the man who stole her life. Trapped in a basement for three years where she is raped, beaten, and tortured until she is totally defeated.

Candace Carter, the youngest of the four women, is trapped in a world of sex, pornography, and prostitution. Abandoned, molested and abused from the age of five, she is vulnerable to manipulation, and there is one man all too eager to exploit her to death.

Eventually, all the women, including Dr. Morrison, confront the horrors of their truths, but not all of them survive their realities.

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Discover Their Grit

Kimberly Fish
Kimberly Fish Author Interview

Comfort Foods is a emotional and riveting contemporary romance novel that finds a couple wrapped up in the whirlwind of their lives and trying to make it work. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

The inspiration for this story leapt from the blue screen of Instagram. I have a twenty-six year old who followed several “influencers” and I became a bit riveted by the trajectory some of these women had taken in such a short time. I figured what goes up, must come down… and then imagined what a spectacular recovery might look like. Lacy was a character invented many years ago as part of the novella that kicked off the Comfort set of stories, and it was time to give her a full book. Characters in the Comfort set of stories flit in and out of the plots like our friends do, and Lacy was no exception. Romance, drama, humor, and second chances are major ingredients in every story.

The relationship between Lacy and Rudy was enthralling. What were some driving ideals behind the development of their relationship?

The connection between Lacy and Rudy helped me cover new territory in plotting—having characters that were both struggling in life, the distance between their communities and Rudy being a single dad, were areas I wanted to investigate and better understand since that feels so intrinsic in today’s world. Putting them into ever increasing awkward circumstances forced them both to grow and discover their grit. I like writing about people discovering what they’re capable of doing and these two characters had some big decisions to make.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

It was important to me to reveal that what we think we know about someone based on social media is often the polar opposite of truth. I’d hoped to remind readers to treat the media a little lighter and in doing so, get back to the basics of human interactions. Plus, I’d hoped to show that we’re our best selves after we’ve overcome obstacles, and that the hard stuff is worth working through.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

In Comfort Foods, readers are briefly introduced to Anna Weber, a single mom to twin girls. She’s on the fringe of the Comfort friends group because her schedule is consumed with her daughters and her work life, plus she’s hiding in plain sight and that’s exhausting. Anna is pitched some highs and lows in the plot and discovers grace that comes with second chances. Anna made some definitive choices in a time of crisis when her girls were infants, and the release from those bindings transforms her. A rare find of music brings her into unexpected proximity to a retired NFL Quarterback and they tangle at every turn. Comfort Zone is due out later this year, and will be promoted through my newsletter—subscription available at my website —and announced through Kimberly Fish,author on Facebook.

Author Links: GoodReads | Facebook | Website

From the award-winning author of Comfort Plans and Comfort Songs comes a story of two rising stars blitzed by social media. Lacy Cavanaugh and, single-dad, Rudy Delgardo live a hundred miles apart but meet in the worst possible way. Working at a weekly paper and creating social media for area businesses helps Lacy connect with locals who open her mind to a perspective beyond Instagram. In launching a food-and-wine festival to support Comfort’s new event center, she discovers surprising skills bubbling over, much like the food she’s attempting to cook. Rudy, on the brink of his restaurant’s takeover, struggles to improve time management so he can create a better relationship with his daughter. Distracted by Lacy and her invitation to the festival, he’s tempted by her beauty, wit, and courage, but as a chef, he rarely gets to enjoy life outside the kitchen. Enemies, illness, and exes add unwelcome spice to the dish they’re concocting—one that will teeter with misunderstanding until the very end. Will Lacy and Rudy embrace their second chances and discover the perfect seasonings of family, resilience, and grace to create a handwritten recipe of love that will stand the test of time?

Oh, Lords!: Who We Date, Why We Date Them, and What We’ve Learned

Oh, Lords!: Who We Date, Why We Date Them, and What We’ve Learned by [Jes Averhart, Terresa Zimmerman]

Oh, Lords!: Who We Date, Why We Date Them, and What We’ve Learned by Terresa Zimmerman and Jes Averhart is an amusing and uniquely insightful book on dating. Authors Zimmerman and Averhart share their personal dating stories and experiences, the good and the bad. They discuss the different types of men that they met and label them based on their personalities. The author’s breakdown of each archetype along with their personal experiences tell you what signs to look for. This is not a self-help book or a how-to book, but instead it is a book on the dating experiences both author’s faced, and in sharing those experiences we get to learn about the men out there but also much more about ourselves and what we want out of a relationship.

There are many times I have been out with my girlfriends eating dinner and talking and the conversation inevitably steers towards men and dating. This book gave me that same comfortable buzz I get when talking with my friends about dating. The language feels so easy and free flowing in that same dinner chat way. I was engaged throughout the book because of the witty and conversational tone.

I enjoyed the creative archetypes they used and the comical images that accompanied the descriptions of each man, making it very easy to imagine what is going on and you feel as though you are in the story. As you are reading about the authors’ experiences you begin to reflect on the dating experiences you’ve gone through and realize you may have run into a few lords yourself. Both authors’ perfectly incorporated their personalities in the story and I found myself laughing as I was reading. But while the book can be humorous it also touches upon a more serious topic which is abuse in a relationship and signs to look out for. I also appreciated that both authors also stated that because their book is written from a heterosexual perspective this book can be read as gender agnostic.

Oh, Lords! Who We Date, Why We Date Them, and What We’ve Learned is a delightful, humorous, and illuminating read that I would recommend to anyone in the dating world, or anyone that is looking for a fun memoir of two women’s dating experiences.

Pages: 284 | ASIN: B09BRHRBYX

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Comfort Foods

Comfort Foods: Texas Hill Country Fiction (Comfort Stories Book 3) by [Kimberly Fish]

Comfort Foods by Kimberly Fish is an intricate and well-written novel about two adults wrapped up in the chaos of their lives and the power of social media, who manage to find love in each other anyway. It follows Lacy Cavanaugh, an Instagram star who after a media disaster has to move to the small town, Comfort, to work on the local newspaper, and Rudy Delgardo single dad and head chef at Stella, pursuing his dream to get his restaurant to the top.

Lacy and Rudy have a lot of chemistry and their romance is a slow burn in the best way possible. While the romance is the center of the story, there is a lot happening in both protagonists’ lives. As such, we see many parallel narratives unfold which bring important and riveting character development. The narration is very detailed. It alternates between the two main characters, and it is so well- written that I felt I was inside the characters’ heads. Therefore, every fleeting thought and interaction is immensely interesting to read. The supporting characters are intriguing in their own right and bring a lot to the narrative. The relationships are developed in a low-key manner but manage to rise in importance until the emotional weight becomes evident. I surely wasn’t ready for some of the developments of the book, but the result is no doubt beautiful. Over its 300 pages, we accompany many events, conflicts, and the main couple’s ever-growing affection for each other. More often than not, they complicate their interactions more than they should, but it’s all due to the nervousness their feelings create. It’s a dynamic that can be a little bit irritating, but entertaining nonetheless.

Comfort Foods unites the best from romance, drama, and humor to deliver a story so full of details and authenticity it is easy to believe it could have happened in real life. This is highly entertaining romance novel that fans of contemporary love stories will devour.

Pages: 387 | ASIN: B08KVNWV94

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Unbelievable Stories I Uncovered

Vali Benson
Vali Benson Author Interview

Blood and Silver follows a young girl to 1880’s Tombstone Arizona where disaster strikes and she must outsmart an evil madman. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

The inspiration for the story of Blood and Silver was numerous trips to Tombstone, Arizona between 1980 and present day. This tourist attraction now has a population of about twelve hundred residents, but in its hey day had a population of almost twenty thousand. I couldn’t imagine nearly twenty thousand people in this tiny place and the more I researched, the more unbelievable stories I uncovered. I knew that this place in that time was a story waiting to be written. 

Carissa is an intriguing and well developed character. What were some driving ideals behind her character’s development?

Carissa is a young girl of only twelve years who has had a modest but loving upbringing until age eight. At that point, her family joined a wagon train for California and met with tragedy when her father and brother died of cholera. Her mother was consumed by grief and left young Carissa to fend for them both. This made Carissa grow up very quickly. She realized that only she can help them. She used her brains and shrewdness well beyond her years to create a better situation for her mother and herself. 

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

I wanted to show a young girl who had the grit and the guts to take charge of her own future. I also wanted to play with the interaction she had with the Chinese citizens.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I am currently researching several different ideas. Foremost on my docket would be another adventure for Carissa and Mai and also perhaps some background on China Mary. My readers were so receptive so receptive to my characters in Blood and Silver that I feel that maybe I owe them a little more.  

Author Links: GoodReads | Twitter | Facebook | Website

2xWINNER – 2021 San Francisco Book Festival What is a twelve year old girl to do when she finds herself in the silver boom town of Tombstone, Arizona, in 1880, and her only home is a brothel and her only parent is a drug-addicted mother? If she is Carissa Beaumont, she outsmarts the evil madam and figures a way out.

After tricking the madam, Miss Lucille, into summoning a doctor for her mother, Lisette, she discovers that Miss Lucille has been drugging her. She and the kind doctor make a plan to try to save Lisette by dosing her down on the drug.

Doctor Henderson tells Carissa that the only source for the drug is a Chinese immigrant named China Mary, who lives in Hoptown, at the other end of Tombstone. Carissa has no choice but to go to the powerful woman for help. Many say that China Mary is the one who really controls Tombstone.

China Mary admires Carissa’s brave spirit, and uses her influence to get her a job at the new Grand Hotel, which will free Carissa from her many duties at Miss Lucille’s. She will work along with Mary’s twelve year old niece, Mai-Lin. The two girls become fast friends.

Then, disaster strikes, and the two girls must work together to stay alive.

With a host of colorful characters and meticulous attention to period detail, Blood and Silver is a story of the best and worst of human nature, the passion for survival and the beauty of true friendship.

The Confessional

The Confessional by [Claudia Ermey]

Mirta and Alberto DeSalvo, after facing the wrath of state terrorism when their daughter Teresa is snatched away by the military in the middle of the night, along with her husband Ernesto and their young daughter Christina, are offered a lifeline to escape Argentina by Julia, a wealthy woman, who helps them out and wants the couple to raise her unborn child, Francesca, as their own in a small town in California. She makes them promise that they would never return to Argentina and in fact give her child a safe and non catholic childhood.

Set during the Dirty Wars of Argentina in the year 1976-83, The Confessional is a stunning historical fiction reflecting the trauma caused by civic-military dictatorship as thousands of families were ripped apart, suspected liberal left-wing political supporters tortured and innocent people ‘disappeared’ at night. It spans across three generations and focuses heavily on the pain, anger, loss, grief and resentment felt by the women who were suddenly left bereft of their children, parents or husbands. Dedicated to the lost children and childless mothers, the story is a tribute to the strong women who protested against such cruelty.

The narrative is presented in a series of flashbacks, recounting bitter experiences of violence and trauma as the characters navigate through their lives, grieving their loss but never giving up. Fiercely independent in their own ways, both Mirta and Julia, refuse to bow down to fate. While Mirta testifies in court against Bastiz, Julia had travelled to Argentina to save Mirta from the torture camp she was held at, despite being pregnant. Interestingly, time and again, memory is used as a symbol of protest. This is as much a story about The Mothers of May as it is a celebration of motherhood, reflecting the subtle nuances involved in the role universally.

The Confessional is an emotionally-charged historical fiction novel that follows a riveting family saga.

Pages: 368 | ASIN: B0977PNFGJ

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Literary Titan Book Awards September 2021

The Literary Titan Book Awards are awarded to books that have astounded and amazed us with unique writing styles, vivid worlds, complex characters, and original ideas. These books deserve extraordinary praise and we are proud to acknowledge the hard work, dedication, and imagination of these talented authors.

Gold Award Winners

Literary Titan Silver Book Award

Silver Award Winners

La Florida by James D. Snyder

My Hidden Fear by Luan Nguyen


Visit the Literary Titan Book Awards page to see award information.

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