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The Immortal

The Immortal by [Creel, E. G. ,]

The Immortal follows an ordinary forty year old woman, Emma Anderson, who has always put others first. She suddenly finds herself gripped by a midlife crisis and decides to take a break from her technician job. Leaving behind only her two cats, she packs her bags and hops on a plane to French Polynesia. While on vacation, Emma finds her life changing more profoundly than she ever could have imagined. After witnessing a mass murder and fleeing through the jungle, she realizes that she has no choice but to take to the sea with a group of savage Vikings.

The Immortal is a fast-paced fantasy story that I found difficult to put down. Author E.G. Creel captivates her audience from the very first page of the book. Emma is a highly relatable character who is easy to empathize with. She has lived an average life as an x-ray technician who never married or had kids. Her sudden desire to travel and have new experiences comes from the feeling that she has led a lackluster existence. This makes her a character that is easily relatable, and one that readers will easily be able to root for. When she meets Bjorn, the ruler of an ancient clan of Vikings, she finds herself having tumultuous feelings for him, and this emotional-rollercoaster was very entertaining.

As she is whisked away on a journey across the globe to settle an ancient score, Emma realizes that she is capable of much more than she ever thought possible and I really enjoyed how this story slowly evolved her character into being a strong female protagonist. The tension between her and Bjorn is palpable, and the reader is constantly left wondering what is going to happen between them. Their relationship was riveting and one of the main reasons why I kept picking this book up.

This is a relentlessly entertaining fantasy adventure novel with an interesting cast of characters that keeps things fresh and ensures there is never a dull moment. Readers just can’t help but to fall in love with the flamboyant Stacey, a High Priest and quite possibly the most fashionable Viking in history. E.G. Creel’s romance novel tells a tragic and at times heartbreaking tale of justice. The Immortal is a must-read for anyone who has ever felt like they are not living up to their full potential.

Pages: 141 | ASIN: B09HWMP7CH

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Silver Heels

Silver Heels is a sequel to the book Silver Lights by author Michelle Lynn. The protagonist Skylar Lynn is a realtor who also makes a living dancing at Silver Lights, which is often frequented by influential and powerful men. The relationship between the character and the silver heels is similar to the analogy of the silver lights. The silver heels represent the confidence Skylar needs to walk her path, as well, as the silver lights accompanied her with the same intent. However, the dancer’s ambitions go beyond this; she wants to succeed in the movie business. After catching the eye of a billionaire at the club where she dances, she finds herself getting closer and closer to fulfilling her dreams.

This contemporary novel has a slow-burn start drawing the reader into the lives of the eccentric characters. There are a lot of key players that need to be introduced in this compelling story. From real estate agent to exotic dancer, Skylar will do anything in the name of getting her screenplay in the right hands and will put herself into a position to be seen.

Readers will be given drama, sexual content, exotic dancing, and dangers to keep the action flowing. However, the things Skylar craves for herself, romance and fame, are not the only focus. Corruption and its agents, the mafia and powerful billionaires, make this well-crafted book a page-turning experience for the reader. The author gives readers passion and the tension one feels from the high-stakes aura that permeates Wall Street. The mafia’s intrigue and mystery will pull readers in to see how Skylar navigates this new arena.

Silver Heels feels like the start of a bigger story. The action, romance, and drama will appeal to readers that love a narrative driven by a strong female character. This is a captivating and sensual novel that is an excellent choice for those who want a quick and exciting read.

Pages: 166 | ASIN : B085S6MN35

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It Saves My Soul

Caroline Allen
Caroline Allen Author Interview

Water follows a young woman that has felt unfilled throughout her life and doesn’t understand why. Learning about her spiritual abilities puts her on a path that will help her find her true self and heal. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

Water is the fourth novel in a five-book series called The Elemental Journey Series (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ether). The first four books are published and are semi-autobiographical, loosely following my journey of growing up in Missouri, living abroad for a decade in Tokyo and London, and finally in WATER repatriating to the U.S. and coming to terms with my mysticism. WATER is based in Seattle and explores my years reading tarot there. The novel isn’t memoir, though, and as fiction, I created characters and scenes to illustrate my main theme of fully owning who you are. To quote Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures.” In reality and in the novel, I am a mystic. I had to learn to channel my visions and did so using the tool of tarot. During the time period of the novel, I read for hundreds of people in the Pacific Northwest and around the world. (Today, that number is in the thousands.) I love the idea of showing in the novel how tarot brings forward higher spiritual truths to apply to the daily tribulations all of us undergo. There are so many unseen forces at work directing our lives in a good way, even when times are difficult. My protagonist Pearl was a journalist and was being called to give it up to become a metaphysical healer. She doesn’t go willingly. Even though the path was difficult, it really was the universe guiding her to a better, more fulfilling life, and one where she could be of greater services to the world. This echoes my own path, and the path of many of the people I now coach as a book coach and a metaphysical healer. So, I wanted the novel to convey this — the path to spiritual awakening may be difficult but ultimately it’s fulfilling especially with the direction the world is going now with pandemics and climate change.

I fictionalized it for two reasons, to help the real people in my life have privacy, and to give me more freedom to explore my themes. I have an active imagination and characters and scenes come to me by the hundreds daily.

I am compelled to write to understand my own life, without writing I don’t know where I’d be. It saves my soul. I hope my writing also informs, entertains and heals the reader.

What were some driving ideals behind Pearl’s character development?

I wanted to show, really show, how much despair we suffer when we don’t accept who we truly are. I show step by step my protagonist coming out of that despair into the light. I demonstrate the resistance and the difficulties involved with being profoundly alternative in mainstream society. I hope I show how owning our power transforms our lives and the lives of others. Pearl, my protagonist, owns her mysticism and takes her second sight — a gift that would have historically gotten her persecuted — and turns it around to help heal herself and others.

I didn’t want to pull the punches on how she resists her path. So, I have Pearl reject everything she builds again and again (this actually happens throughout the series). I wanted to show how long and arduous this path to finding purpose really is.

Gem, her nextdoor neighbor, is a radical on-the-edge artist who helps Pearl accept her radical self. I’m interested in developing characters who don’t fit into the mainstream. I’m interested in a mainstream that is crumbling, and how outsiders might be the wisest people of all.

What are some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Self-acceptance and self-love are the primary themes. As a coach for nearly 30 years now, I’ve found the single biggest stumbling block people have is that they simply don’t want to accept who and what they truly are. The ego drives them to be what society defines as successful, instead of what their soul is calling them to do. This is my life’s work — through writing, visual art (I’m also a visual artist), and coaching, I assist people in owning, living, and loving their authentic selves. It can be a long journey.

To me, the diversity of the human soul is like a tropical rainforest. Each of us is a unique and wild entity in this vast forest of the human experience, and we’re losing that diversity. Our eccentric alternative selves are needed now more than ever. Our creative cores are necessary so that we can come up with radical solutions to today’s problems.

Mysticism is another theme. I wanted to show how the mystical works for those many people who are unfamiliar with it or scared of it. Throughout religious traditions, there have been famous mystics. A mystic is simply someone who has a direct channel to the divine. I wanted to demystify mysticism in WATER.

Water also plays as a theme as the title of the book suggests. Set in the Pacific Northwest, rain and bodies of water permeate the book. More importantly, I’m interested in the notion of water in Jungian psychology. To Jung, water represents the depths of our untapped subconscious. How can we deep dive into our souls and stop skipping the rock over the surface of our lives? That is a profound theme in my work.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I’m working on three books now.

ETHER is the fifth book in the Elemental Journey Series. It’s actually a memoir. I’m calling the entire series “Four novels and a memoir.” I was called so strongly to go from semi-autobiographical writing to direct autobiography in this final book in the series. I write in my yurt studio in the woods, and the work is exploding. ETHER explores my further awakening as a healer, my veganism, and my coming full circle back to the earth when I gave up living in cities and moved back to nature. I now live on many acres in the woods in Oregon (after decades living in Tokyo, London, Seattle, and Boston). The memoir process is quite a bit different than writing a novel. As a book coach over the past 20 years, I’ve mentored lots of memoirists, but this is my first time writing the genre. I’m having profound epiphanies and just loving the process. ETHER will be available in 2024.

BLUE is a middle grade novel about a mystical 11-year-old girl named Maisie-Grace whose best friend is an old growth Douglas Fir named Blue. The characters include a Japanese American girl in a wheelchair named Jack who’s an artist, and Macon, a farm girl who’s bullied. The three girls come together to try to save Blue and the forest. This novel is finished and I’m shopping it around to publishers now.

And finally, I’m working on RED, a young adult novel that follows Maisie-Grace, Jack, and Macon as they become teenagers. Maise-Grace loses her magic and becomes embittered. Slowly, she finds her spirit back again through a horse named Red. This is slated for completion in three years.

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Winner of the 2021 Independent Publishers’ Gold Medal for Visionary Fiction. Pearl Swinton is drowning in a dark night of the soul. In the depths, she hears a cry to purpose, but to what? A former journalist who has spent years trying to outrun her psychic visions, Pearl meets a mentor in an urban mystic named Rayne, who introduces her to the concept of the Divine Feminine and sets her afloat on the turbulent waters of healing and self-acceptance. On a spiritual journey, Pearl finds herself navigating Seattle’s metaphysical scene, studying tarot, shamanism, and past-life regression. As a journalist, she gave voice to the voiceless, and in the transformative journey she’s now on, she is being asked to find her own voice. Accepting her new mystical calling finds her at the helm of a rickety folding table in the back of a bookstore reading tarot for the public. Daily she dives deep into the psyches of many, finding inside each person a lushness and a rootlessness, a poetry and a thirst. Still Pearl resists this life. Still she runs away. It will take a national tragedy to break through the walls of her resistance and show Pearl how desperately the world needs women to step into her power, to own the divinity of their feminine voices.

Beasts of War

Beasts of War: A Retelling of the Old English Judith by Sarah E Zilkowski is a genuinely gripping and mesmerizing tale of heroism. This retelling of the story of Judith follows a young maiden on her quest to save her beloved village from Holofernes and his thanes, who have pillaged and destroyed so many villages leaving devastation in their path. Judith, the protagonist of the story, is tasked by her Lord to infiltrate the enemy’s camp. She is their last hope at survival.

It is refreshing to read an adaptation of a historical tale focused on the strength of women and the importance of their role within specific periods in time. This is an integral theme within many modern pieces of literature, not often seen when referring to myths and legends, especially religious texts such as the Bible.

The omniscient narrator throughout the novel allows the reader to see the overall picture of what is taking place; although primarily focused on the movements of Judith, there are moments when we move away from her and see what is going on elsewhere, this is enhanced by short bits of italicized information provided as the inner thoughts of other characters. For example, ‘Then again, he thought, I suppose mine do too,’ this is from Lord Cyneric when he recognizes the sorrow in Judith’s eyes.

Throughout this tale, the imagery used is excellently written. It varies so much, from literal graphic phrases such as ‘Slaughtering and butchering’ to contrasting elements that emphasize the gravity of the situation, like when Judith’ stood in an open space’ but ‘felt crushed by her fear.’ Although readers will enjoy metaphors throughout the novel, which refers back to tales and beliefs from the Anglo-Saxon period, when the story is set, the use of her seeing wolves and eagles, which symbolized war, helps build the tension within the overall novel.

Beasts of War: A Retelling of the Old English Judith is a riveting novel that will grip readers from the opening pages. Historical fiction and war drama lovers will find this take on the story exhilarating. Women’s fiction readers will be overjoyed at seeing Judith’s vital role as the dramatic story unfolds.

Pages: 246 | ASIN : B09ML693YF

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Come Fill Up My Cup – Book Trailer

On a trip to Scotland, Robin Lindsay, a 45-year-old Canadian widow, meets James Maclachlan, a Scottish widower.

James is haunted by his poor relationship with his wife, who died under mysterious circumstances nearly 10 years ago, leaving a daughter and infant son. The couple fall in love, but events emerging from the past, and violent murder in the present, complicate matters.

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Born for the Game

What does it take to become the greatest of all time? Mike DeLucia’s new book, Born for the Game, presents a well-crafted and riveting premise where a bit of cleverness and hard work is all you need to achieve the impossible. Phineas Stone has big dreams, he’s trying to build a big, successful life for himself, and there’s nothing that can get in the way of reaching his goals. He creates a successful and profitable business through pure will, yet he knows that his biggest dream is one he can’t actually accomplish: getting the chance to play in the major leagues. Nevertheless, his immense determination and his inventiveness lead him to craft a plan through which he intends to create the greatest baseball player of all time.

Readers will find Phineas’ plan exciting to experience, from design to execution. He made sure to keep close people with talent and MLB connections to pull it all off. The plan involved the creation of the perfect baseball player from its conception, where he chose two of the most talented people as parents and only left one thing to chance: the gender of the baby. With this, we finally meet Ryan Stone, a girl and possibly the perfect player that Phineas had envisioned. Readers will have the fantastic opportunity of seeing Ryan’s unique career from the moment she was just a child, and it’s such an exciting and intriguing idea that readers absolutely will enjoy.

The book is structured in short chapters, each gripping and with a new, adventurous idea to present. DeLucia is an incredible storyteller. From the very beginning, readers will be hooked, flipping through every page to find out more, learn about Ryan’s experience, and finally see if she was going to prove herself. Phineas Stone was able to turn his plan from fantasy into reality, which will immediately captivate readers. There’s so much to love in this book, the writing, the story, the characters: everything is perfectly structured. It’s also fascinating getting to explore the idea of a girl trying to become the greatest baseball player of all time, demolishing sexist notions on her way to achieving the most significant success.

Born for the Game is a story about hard work, talent, and family. There are so many lessons hidden in this fiction story, making it entertaining and inspiring. Ryan is such a unique character with a fierce personality and unstoppable attitude that will leave readers asking for more. This riveting and enthralling story will entertain readers of sports fiction, women’s fiction, and baseball lovers of all kinds.

Pages: 179 | ASIN : B09KF6GCGN

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Gambling Lion

Gambling Lion: Part One of The Pride of Lions by [Antoinette George]

Antoinette George’s novel Gambling Lion tells a riveting historical fiction story set during Napoleon Bonaparte’s conflict from 1799 to 1804. The novel gets increasingly exciting as the story progresses, as it includes romance, adventure, mystery, against a detailed historical background.

This is a historical romance story full of adventure, political intrigue, danger, and dramatic twists. The narrative begins with an aristocrat who was a destitute refugee of the brutal French Revolution and lost everything as a result of it, including his family, land, and wealth. The character of Nicholas de Bresancourt is so wonderfully portrayed that it entices and enchants the reader; I wanted to keep reading just to see what would happen with him next. Nicholas’ tale is captivating, from his childhood to his adulthood, and the depiction of his bond with his adoptive family is heart-warming.

Antoinette George has presented the tangled love story of Nicholas and Bella in an enthralling way that I just could not get enough of. The sharp dialogue and amusing flirtation between Lionesse and Nicholas is engaging and entertaining.

While I enjoyed the detailed historical aspects of the story, this is really a character driven story as the personalities within are so fascinating. I particularly love the character and storyline of the dowager duchess of Firle and her bond with Francis and Nicholas. The story explores the difficulties and hazards of being a spy while serving in the army in times of war; which I thought added a unique level of intrigue and history to the story. The author also shows how agonizing it is for individuals to wait for their loved ones who have gone to fight in the war, especially back then but the focus on the emotional turmoil in the story is enthralling.

This riveting historical drama reminds me of the Netflix ‘Outlander’ series season 2 where they are in Paris and must deal with the political and social turmoil of the 1800’s.

Gambling Lion offers readers some of the best character development in the historical romance genre and I really enjoyed how historical facts were used to color the story rather than being the centerpiece. This is a fantastic start to what is sure to be a compelling series that will appeal to readers who enjoy historical fiction novels and military romance stories with a keen eye for details and a focus on characters.

Pages: 361 | ASIN: B09GHHXZ1K

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Literary Titan Book Awards January 2022

The Literary Titan Book Awards are awarded to books that have astounded and amazed us with unique writing styles, vivid worlds, complex characters, and original ideas. These books deserve extraordinary praise and we are proud to acknowledge the hard work, dedication, and imagination of these talented authors.

Gold Award Winners

Literary Titan Silver Book Award

Silver Award Winners

Storm Front 8 by Steven Paul Germane


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