I Care Deeply About the Environment

B B Denson Author Interview

Gary The Go-Cart tells two stories that inspire conversation on the environment in children and adults. What was the inspiration for the idea behind Gary the Go-cart?

I care deeply about the environment. So much so that I began working in environmental science. I started out believing in “clean energy” and thinking that the oil and gas industry needed cleaning up. Then as I worked in the industry and went to a lot of conferences and heard a lot of presentations, I finally had to admit I was wrong. I started getting really frustrated with how things were portrayed in the media. I felt like the problem was that the information is so complex, it would be hard to explain. I kept finding myself saying, “someone needs to make this simple enough for a child to understand”. Usually, when I have a brilliant idea, someone else does too. I kept waiting for someone to write a kids book about it. When no one ever did, I finally took it upon myself. I knew people were going to not just disagree with the concept, but vilify me for saying these things. That is why I titled the second book the way I did, because I knew I was “coming out of the closet” to admit that I didn’t believe in man-made catastrophic climate change.

I enjoyed the adorable art in the book. What was the art collaboration process like with illustrator Sidnei Marques?

Sidnei had a limited understanding of English. I would send him sketches of characters and say things like, I want the character to dress something like this character, and I want him to have an expression like this character, and I want them standing like this character. So our exchanges had few words, but lots of art. He was a brilliant artist. Unfortunately, he had cancer the whole time he was working on the books. He used the money I paid him to pay for his cancer treatments. I felt like we were destined to work together. He lived until a couple of days after we finished Carbon Comes out of the Closet. I think he purposely made himself hang on until we finished it.

What scene in the book did you have the most fun creating?

The final scene in each of the books were probably my favorites in each one. It was fun to have animated cupcakes in Wind Blows, and I was tickled when Sidnei came up with the idea of top hats on the cucumbers for the final scene in Carbon Comes out of the Closet.

Do you have plans to write more books starring Gary the Go-cart?

Unfortunately, I don’t think I could ever do any more Gary the Go-Cart books, not without Sidnei.

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This book is a compilation of two children’s books that teach kids on one level and teenagers and adults on another.
The Gary the Go-Cart books give a different perspective on energy and the environment from the one that is normally heard. Wind Energy is actually horrible for the environment, and climate change is really all about power and money and has nothing to do with the environment. This perspective is shared by large numbers of experts who are not having their voices heard. It is written as a fun story, with poetry, rhyme, and cadence.
Gary the Go-Cart tackles Wind Energy, Climate Change, and Fake News in a manner that is simple enough that even a child can enjoy it. The intention is to educate the adult reading it.
There is a page at the end of each story entitled, “For the Adults in the Room.” These pages give information and quotes showing the problems with wind energy and carbon capture.
Get it for your high schooler to read! They need to hear this before they get to college and are totally indoctrinated!
It is 68 pages of full-color illustrations. It is illustrated by the late, award-winning Sidnei Marques.

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