The Most Purrfect Home Of All

A little one-eyed stray cat without a name is happy living in a rusty old truck in a meadow far away from people. Until one winter’s day he returns to find his home being towed away. So, the cat sets off to find a new home before he succumbs to the cold, but he struggles to find one. Either another animal lives there, or it is too scary. Then caught in a blizzard he stumbles across a cottage and takes refuge on the porch. The following day footsteps scare him away. Hungry that night, he returns to the cottage to find a bowl of food waiting for him. Could this be the purrfect home he has been searching for?

The Most Purrfect Home Of All, written by Susanne Rea and illustrated by Maria Andrieieva, is a heart-warming picture book based on the life of a real cat who wants to find a forever home. The homeless cat shows courage as he seeks out a new home. He is determined to never give up, and in the process, learns to trust humans again. The man in the story shows compassion for a stray animal even when the animal is hesitant to trust again.

The artwork complements this sentimental story, with the color pallet of the changing seasons matching the cat’s mood – bright, cheerful colors when he is happy, and darker monotone colors when he is struggling. This children’s book is entertaining and captivating for young readers. It is a story of hope and compassion. This beautifully written book is even better because a portion of the proceeds goes to supporting homeless and abused animals in Hungary.

The Most Purrfect Home Of All is a heartfelt picture book that will capture the hearts of children and animal lovers. The cat’s adventure to find the perfect home is one that will draw in young readers and teach them the lessons of courage, compassion, determination, and the importance of trusting others.

Pages: 34 | ASIN : B09QV4NZW4

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