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Adventures with Pop Pop at Grant’s Farm

In this touching story written by Warren Martin, we follow Dean and Levi, who learn about the importance of spending quality time with family. All families have their traditions. It could be yearly summer vacations, specific foods during the holidays, or a family trip. In, Adventures with Pop Pop at Grant’s Farm this is where Dean and Levi year after year spend time with their loved ones on a family trip. We watch through sweet illustrations done by Kat Powell as each member grows and connects with one another with every passing year.

Children will love following Dean and Levi as they visit Grant’s Farm. They will see all the different animals on the farm. It is also great to see how they return for other holidays and how things change and stay the same, highlighting how one place can bring many different memories and emotions. It is touching to see how not only did the farm change over time but so did the family.

This story hits a very emotional spot by the end. It showcases the time we all have together and highlights the fact that we should all fully enjoy the experiences we have with one another and be so grateful for the time allotted to us. Our love and memories of the past make up a good part of who we are as people. The message of family is delivered clearly enough for any reader to grasp and enjoy.

Adventures with Pop Pop at Grant’s Farm is a touching children’s book about the importance of cherishing family. This book made me reflect on my memories with loved ones who are still with us and those who are not. Although it made me tear up by the end, they were happy tears. I would recommend this to any reader; just maybe grab a tissue or two.

Pages: 42 | ASIN : B0BFM85GX7

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The Heath Cousins and the Silver Statue

Addie B., Wanderer and traveler to the magical land of Ambra, faces an insurmountable challenge as spring break begins. Visiting London with her parents, Addie receives a disconcerting letter from her cousin Jack, who has shared many adventures to the land of Ambra alongside her. Jack shares the unsettling news that he is beginning to forget the quests of Ambra, urging Addie to write down the stories of the magical world before all memory of them is forever lost. Feeling the sting of dread and missing her cousin dearly, Addie B. once again finds herself returning to the world of Ambra. Meeting a host of new characters and joined by dear friends from previous adventures, Addie must fight as never before to outwit the forces of darkness and guide her companions on the way back home.

I loved the enchantment of the world and felt a connection to Addie B. and her numerous friends. Each character was distinctive, from conflicted Peter to stalwart Max to my personal favorite, adorable, tiny Lulu. There were plenty of succinct recaps, which helped a new reader not to be lost in the story. The only exception was the lack of description of the antagonist Daiyu, whom I mistakenly thought was a sorcerer for about a third of the book rather than an elderly sorceress.

A concise adventure that contains just as much action as a full-length novel, Addie B.’s journey through Ambra is full of inner turmoil. Acceptance, forgiveness, courage, and moving forward are the main thrusts of the story, as the many new characters introduced seem to be setting the stage for a new phase of adventures. I loved the world, the characterization, and the good story about the cousins’ special bond. However, the conclusion to this tale had many notes of grief within it. After all, is said and done, the ending pages leave off like a symphony on a half-note, leaving the reader with both hope for future adventures in Ambra and a feeling of utter finality.

The Heath Cousins and the Silver Statue by Eileen Hobbs is a fast-paced, perfectly sized adventure in a wondrous parallel world. This children’s fantasy is filled with magic and adventure that will captivate young readers and keep them engaged from start to finish.

Pages: 180 | ASIN : B0B1W2HXTL

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La Aventura de Algodón de Azúcar: The Adventure of Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy is on the hunt for her friend, Peppermint. As she goes from one neighbor to the next, she gets the same response and even less hope of finding Peppermint. No one seems to know where her friend has gone. As she knocks on doors and travels all day long, she questions everyone she encounters, but there is no help to be found. Every food, animal, and object–Cotton Candy tries them all. Will she ever find her friend? Is there anyone at all who can help her?

La Aventura de Algodòn de Azùcar (The Adventure of Cotton Candy), by Tara Giri, tells the story of Cotton Candy, who is on the search for her friend, Peppermint. Each and every character responds to her question with an emphatic “I don’t know.” The book features both Spanish and English text and is a wonderful example of repetitive text. Young readers will benefit from seeing and hearing the same question and answer on each page. Whether they are English or Spanish readers, they will find themselves quickly absorbing the corresponding translation.

Perhaps the most striking feature of Giri’s work is the focus on the use of adjectives. As an elementary teacher, I am glad to see a children’s book focusing on a specific part of speech. It is difficult to find trade books that offer multiple opportunities to practice with adjectives. Giri has given parents and teachers a wonderful teaching tool. The only thing that I did not love about this book was the formatting. On some pages, the text can be somewhat difficult to read where it is layered over the illustrations.

La Aventura de Algodòn de Azùcar is a magical bilingual picture book that will captivate and entertain children as they go on an adventure searching for their missing friend. I recommend Giri’s work to any parent or teacher looking to introduce their children to a second language.

Pages: 32 | ASIN : B0B37Z73QD

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Colin the Crab Falls in Love

Colin, the crab, has built his home and life in the bay. He is happy with all but one thing in his life. He wants a spouse to share the life he has built with. So Colin invites his friends over to discuss what he should do to find a wife. After many suggestions, Colin realizes the best way for him to find a wife is to just be himself, and it will happen.

Not long after, there is an accident at the museum, and Colin rushes over to help with the broken displays. There he meets Clara, the museum assistant. She is the most beautiful and friendly crab Colin has ever met, and they connect instantly. Colin enjoys his time with Clara and wants to impress her. This results in him being in an accident and almost getting hurt. Clara reminds him that she loves him just as he is, and he doesn’t need to change to impress her. Could he have found the love he was looking for in Clara?

I love how author Tuula Pere has continued bringing Colin’s story to life. He is an amazing crab with a giving heart, always helping others. Giving him this story where he finds someone that matches his kindness and personality is a great way to teach children to be themselves and be proud of who they are. While this story is about finding love, it could easily apply to all areas of life where you want children to know it is ok to be who they are and they do not have to change to impress people around them. Each person is unique in their own way, and that is enough.

Colin the Crab Falls in Love is a heartwarming children’s book about finding love through being yourself. Colin tried getting advice on how to find a wife, but he realized that the way all his friends found love was unique to who they were and their personalities. He was wise to recognize that changing himself would not get the results he wanted, and when he tried to change himself, he almost got hurt. The message of staying true to yourself is essential for children to learn.

Pages: 50 | ISBN : 9527107547

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The Most Purrfect Home Of All

A little one-eyed stray cat without a name is happy living in a rusty old truck in a meadow far away from people. Until one winter’s day he returns to find his home being towed away. So, the cat sets off to find a new home before he succumbs to the cold, but he struggles to find one. Either another animal lives there, or it is too scary. Then caught in a blizzard he stumbles across a cottage and takes refuge on the porch. The following day footsteps scare him away. Hungry that night, he returns to the cottage to find a bowl of food waiting for him. Could this be the purrfect home he has been searching for?

The Most Purrfect Home Of All, written by Susanne Rea and illustrated by Maria Andrieieva, is a heart-warming picture book based on the life of a real cat who wants to find a forever home. The homeless cat shows courage as he seeks out a new home. He is determined to never give up, and in the process, learns to trust humans again. The man in the story shows compassion for a stray animal even when the animal is hesitant to trust again.

The artwork complements this sentimental story, with the color pallet of the changing seasons matching the cat’s mood – bright, cheerful colors when he is happy, and darker monotone colors when he is struggling. This children’s book is entertaining and captivating for young readers. It is a story of hope and compassion. This beautifully written book is even better because a portion of the proceeds goes to supporting homeless and abused animals in Hungary.

The Most Purrfect Home Of All is a heartfelt picture book that will capture the hearts of children and animal lovers. The cat’s adventure to find the perfect home is one that will draw in young readers and teach them the lessons of courage, compassion, determination, and the importance of trusting others.

Pages: 34 | ASIN : B09QV4NZW4

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James’ Ragtag Adventure in Questworld

James’ Ragtag Adventure in Questworld follows a group of five pals who find themselves stuck in a magical realm. They awaken the Goblin Queen and her army of goblins during an adventure gone wrong! Now they’ll need to find backup to battle her wicked majesty. Along the journey, they’ll come across fascinating and mystical creatures. Some good, some bad… Are they going to be able to defeat the queen? What is the origin of this mysterious land, and how did they get there? This adventure will have you on the edge of your seat. Follow James and his group of friends as they navigate the exciting world of Questland!

This adventurous book will have readers hooked from the very first sentence. One of the highlights of this story is the solid character development. This novel has a prototypical group of friends. M. Doyle has included the sassy one, the strong one, the brainy one, the shy one, and the leader. These familiar character types and themes will appeal to middle-grade readers as they can relate to the characters’ personalities and feel comfortable with the storyline.

M. Doyle has done an excellent job with pacing in this novel. There are pauses throughout, and it gives readers the feeling that they are sitting alongside the gang, resting and getting to know them better. The moments of rest come as a welcome break from the captivating and suspenseful action that the characters encounter in Questland. It seems like they discover new creatures and monsters at every corner and are constantly in danger.

James’s Ragtag Adventures in Questworld: Return of the Goblin Queen is a thrilling fantasy adventure novel for middle-grade children. This exciting novel takes place in a video game and is a great way to introduce reluctant readers to the fantasy genre and help them become avid readers.

Pages: 103 | ASIN : B093Z64K41

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The Impossible Girl

Ava Marie Jones doesn’t know anything about her past. That is until she falls through a tree. Ava finds herself in a whole new world with creatures from all types of fairytales. She soon realizes that she belongs here. She fits in! Or so she thought. She is soon dubbed The Impossible Girl because she was never registered at birth. Author Ashley White has us follow Ava as she navigates through this new realm and school. Will she learn more about her family? Will she test the limits of her powers?

The Impossible Girl will have readers enchanted! It has a feel to it similar to books by J.K. Rowling and Rick Riordan. The story pulls readers in from the very beginning and keeps them engaged throughout the whole novel.

This magical novel starts with a long prologue, readers will find this information imperative as they start reading chapter one. The story has a great flow to it, combining action and dialogue seamlessly. The author has a way with descriptive language. The details that went into her world building will have readers envisioning the city under the tree as clearly as if they were walking there themselves.

Ava’s character is well thought out. She is taking everything she learns in stride. Ashley White has given her a strong and distinct personality that readers will be able to relate to. Ava is shy, but she is starting to come out of her shell. Her friend Duncan is an interesting character. He seems very nice and caring. However, he is a pleaser. Duncan wants to please and impress his father. He follows the rules. Can he be trusted in the future? We shall see. Ava’s friend Tara seems to be an open book and is filled with all kinds of useful knowledge. She is also a very caring friend. Always aware of her friend’s feelings. Colin is another friend of Ava’s. He is shy in the beginning but is very brave by the end. I look forward to seeing his character progress in future novels.

The Impossible Girl is a children’s and teen fantasy novel that will take readers on an adventure as a young girl discovers her true identity. With magic and mystery readers of all ages will want to follow along as Ava discovers what makes her unique.

Pages: 314 | ASIN : B09SNG2MJB

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Kraken Crew

The Kraken motley crew of pirates have big plans to sail to Mount Doom and steal the gold treasure from the fierce dragons. This dangerous mission has never been accomplished before but Captain Kraken knows his crew is up to the job and with teamwork they can reach the island and get the gold. Banshee, Storm Boy, Elf Witch, and parrot sail the ship with Captain Kraken. Together they encounter several dangerous obstacles and each time, a member of the ship uses their special skill to help the crew escape. When they reach Mount Doom, it looks hopeless as the swarm of dragons comes out and attacks. Can the crew use teamwork and defeat the dragons or will they too end up at the bottom of the sea?

Kraken Crew is written and illustrated by Dan Malster. This picture book is written in a fun rhyme scheme that will draw in children and keep their attention. There is a good balance of scary situations with fun and laughter with the crew. The illustrations that go with the text are fantastic. The artwork is bright and colorful, the images have a lot of details that you can pick out from each scene. Each page has something hidden, a mouse, a worm, or a fun detail to highlight the power each crewmate has. My favorite little detail was the list of ship rules when the crew is eating, number six is “Captain’s hat is not a toilet!”

The moral messages presented in this creative story make this fun book spectacular. Malster shows that everyone has special talents that can be helpful and every person is valuable. He also shows that teamwork is needed to accomplish big goals, that no one person can do everything themselves.

Kraken Crew is a magical children’s fantasy picture book for kindergarteners and young elementary students. This enchanting story will enthrall children with musical rhymes and dramatic artwork.

Pages: 36 | ISBN : 1739824601

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