Blake’s Story

Blake’s story of revenge and forgiveness begins in 1861. The Civil War is just beginning, and his family and friends are gearing up to do their part as is every other family in the southern states. Fairly quickly, Blake’s father, Micah Bradford, enlists and leaves his family to fight as a soldier in the Confederate army. His letters tell of the disease, problems with weapons, and the heinous deaths suffered by his unit. The letter they never hoped to receive, however, does arrive. When Blake is granted permission to leave home and help retrieve his dead father’s horse, his life and perspective on the war are forever changed.

Blake’s Story: Revenge and Forgiveness, written by J. Arthur Moore and Bryson B. Brodzinski, takes place in the early months of the Civil War and follows young Blake as he ventures into the battlefield as a drummer under a pseudonym. Blake, the story’s main character, is well-written and thoroughly developed throughout the plot. Readers will easily empathize with Blake’s plight as he sets out to find the man responsible for killing his father. It is difficult to think about the number of young boys who were involved in the Civil War, but the authors do a wonderful job of helping readers understand how easily these young men became involved in the battle.

Moore and Brodzinski do an exceptional job with the historical aspects of the story. The entire plot is planned around historical accuracies and the proof is provided at the book’s conclusion. Their research was thorough and contributed to the effectiveness and believability of Blake’s storyline. This aspect of the authors’ writing will most definitely appeal to readers interested in this period of our country’s history.

Throughout the story, Blake’s transformation is both heartbreaking and amazing. It was truly stunning to watch the ways in which this wonderful character changes as he continues to encounter one incredible challenge after another. I was not prepared for the turn that the story takes–it was surprising but very well-thought-out.

Blake’s Story: Revenge and Forgiveness, written by J. Arthur Moore and Bryson B. Brodzinski is a great book for fans of historical fiction, especially Civil War era. This book, in my opinion, is suitable for young readers as well as adults. I can see Moore and Brodzinski’s story as a great addition to a school or classroom library. In addition, I would highly recommend it as the topic for a novel study for middle schoolers.

Pages: 160 | ISBN : 1493197789

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