Longsword: Edward and the Assassin is a rousing historical fiction piece set in the Holy Land during the 13th century. Backdropped by the failing crusades of western rulers, we follow the tale of Peter, an orphan who has grown up in the Christain-held city of Acre. Living a life of poverty and petty crime, his luck changes dramatically after foiling an attack on the royal Prince, Lord Edward. Peter finds himself thrust into a twisted plot of assassins and betrayal.

Many historical figures from the time period make an appearance, including Prince Edward Longshanks, future King of England, Sultan Baibars, the Mamluk ruler of Egypt, and even Marco Polo! After a series of lucky, if not improbable events, Peter joins a group of Prince Edward’s men tasked with finding the greatest healer in the land. Colorful fictional characters round out the group, from the boisterous Red Herring to the vengeful Diyaab al-Sahra, the Desert Wolf.

The story frequently changes points of view, so readers can see many of the characters’ motivations. Knights, assassins, Templars, Hospitallers, Tartars, Saracens, and their sub-groups all have a stake in the Holy Land, and each side plots and fights viciously for control.

The story is packed full of bloody, visceral battles. Backstabbing and betrayals abound. The novel does dip into what seems like pure fantasy at times, given Peter’s novice, but uncanny fighting skills. He becomes more of a “chosen one,” rather than an everyman dropped into a historical time period.

I quite like Dimitar Gyopsaliev’s Longsword: Edward and the Assassin. While based on actual events, Gyopsaliev takes readers on a wild ride. Seeing the world through Peter’s eyes gives readers a sense of longing for adventure, riches, and at times, a little romance. This is a wonderful book for those that enjoy historical fiction and adventure novels.

Pages: 382 | ASIN : B077C4L1BK

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