The Little Regenerative Farmer

One day a little girl and her parents went to visit a farm. Her name is Lina, and she loves animals of all kinds. She realizes that she too wants a farm, but her parents are not so sure, they tell her how much work it is, but Lina is not discouraged. Instead, she reads books to find out the best way to care for chickens and convinces her parents to let her have some. From there, she starts a garden and grows all kinds of vegetables, so many that she shares with the neighbors. Soon she is teaching her family and neighbors all about the value of regenerative farming.

The Little Regenerative Farmer by Lauren Lovejoy is an educational and heartwarming story about one girl’s desire to make the world a better place. This children’s book teaches kids about what regenerative agriculture is and how it can be done even with a small backyard garden. You do not need a farm to make the world a better place.

Yana Gorbatiyk illustrates this story in a way that draws the readers into Lina’s world. Her backyard farm is filled with cute animals that will make you smile and laugh and keep younger readers’ attention as they investigate all that the images offer. The illustrations alone tell this magical story so younger children that can not read yet can still understand what is happening in the story.

The Little Regenerative Farmer is an enlightening picture book about farm life and animals. It teaches children and adults about how regenerative farming works. Another meaningful message of this story is to not give up on your dreams; Lina wanted a small farm and, through hard work and research, was able to achieve her dream. This is a beautiful book for families and schools to teach about farming and dedication.

Pages: 43 | ASIN : B09VWTZKWV

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