Look Within

A young boy feels lost and alone when a stranger shows up and asks what he can do to help him. The boy tells him that he wants to become like him, strong, confident, wise, wealthy, kind, and giving. The man’s name was Kim, and he agreed to help the boy become like him, as long as the boy committed to following three steps that Kim would give him. Feeling motivated and encouraged, the boy agreed to the conditions and followed Kim to a place where there were many people to learn from and ask questions to. Kim’s plan for the boy includes three steps, set a goal, make a plan, and create daily habits that will move you towards your goal.

In Look Within: A Story About Discovering The Key to Success by author Miles McAlister is the story of a boy growing into the man he wants to be. The lesson of achieving your ultimate goal lies within yourself and is shared with young readers in an easy-to-understand way. Broken out into three steps, children and even teens can learn how to make their dreams a reality through hard work and dedication.

It is not often you find a self-help book for children or one with such a compelling story to teach the ideas. I found myself enchanted by the process, watching the main character devote himself to this goal. The daily habits setting is a key idea that many goal planning books just gloss over. I also liked how the daily routines focus on a well-rounded body approach; children are encouraged to grow their minds and body together and build healthy hygiene habits.

Look Within is a well-written and entertaining coming-of-age self-help book for children and teens; adults could also learn a few things from this enlightening book as well.

Pages: 35 | ASIN : B09WD48J2B

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