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Ruby Red

There has been a dramatic change in Ruby’s physique and irises – they no longer belong to the weak pink Pastel race. Is it simply the results of the vertic switz ink that Alex tattooed on her, or is there more to it than she is ready to admit? Ruby’s path to change the color system in Zadok appears to be taking a completely different route from Jax’s plan for her. Torn between her feelings for Alex, the enemy of her race, and Jax, she is again faced with a threatening situation. Only this time, the danger extends beyond Zeeks’ territory.

A prequel to Pastel Pink, the first book in the Zadok Series, author Nikki Minty further explores in Ruby Red the other lands and inhabitants of Zadok. The reader is allowed to examine some of the complicated characters, the characters left for the reader to contemplate in the first book. The ruthless and unpredictable sister to Ruby, Floss’s void in life is explicitly examined. Ruby’s character is contradictory to her feelings and reckless at times. Still, given her circumstance of being stuck between two of Zadok’s most eligible bachelors, it becomes hard to blame her.

The introduction to the other regions of Zadok and the people living there – the fascinating village of Spring and the winged Ruke Acacia – will capture the readers’ attention as much as they did Ruby’s. Additionally, readers will enjoy the unexpected romance angle that appears in the story between the two characters with contradictory-personality. It’s vital to say Ruby Red gets a step ahead in terms of action, diverse setting, and romance, completing the missing part of the previous book.

Aside from offering additional interesting characters from other races, this imaginative novel doubles up on its fascinating plot with its magical aspect. While this is a story full of moral dilemmas, readers will find that none of the main characters can claim triumph over the other in being morally right. 

Ruby Red will not disappoint fans of the Zadok series. Teen and young adult readers that love fantasy and magical realism will thoroughly enjoy this riveting novel. However, since the novel’s plot precedes the plot of Zadok’s first novel and the plots are highly interconnected, new readers should begin with the first book in the series.

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How to Educate Your Children in the 21St Century

How to Educate Your Children in the 21St Century by author Clynie Huggins’s is an inspirational book that is a gem if you are a parent. The author talks about educating your child to be a better person in society. Clynie Huggins covers a variety of topics that parents often forget about when talking about their children. The concept of educating children just so they can build their careers should not be the only thing parents focus on. As a parent or educator, you should focus on bringing up a all-round child who will grow to be an adult that brings positive change in the community.

Some of the topics in the book that readers may find to be overlooked by both parents and educators, yet they are extremely critical in child-growth include equality, tolerance, development and kindness. The author discusses ways in which you can raise children to understand the importance of racial, and gender equality among other things. The author also touches on cognitive and emotional growth, an important factor that parents sometimes forget about as they focus on physical growth.

How to Educate Your Children in the 21St Century will give readers pointers on being the best parent they can be in this digital age. Huggins makes sure to include a section directed at expectant parents, an important group, as new parents often have no idea how to go about parenting, relying on the trial-and-error method.

This thought-provoking book is easy to read and comprehend. Clynie Huggins has an honest viewpoint showing not just the cute side of parenting, but the ugly side as well. The author writes about parenting as an overwhelming task and encourages those that have children to take it a day at a time as they raise their families.

How to Educate Your Children in the 21St Century is a fantastic reference not just for parents and teachers, but anyone that interacts with children in this modern age. A must read for those that want to raise a well-rounded child that can be successful in society, socially as well as academically.

Pages: 114 | ASIN ‏ : ‎ B07Z9WD2TY

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Rising Together 

Rising Together, by K.M Sparks and Christopher Cole, is the complex story of two young teens who are going through hardship and rely on one another. The main character, Tim, struggles with his home life and his best friend, Haze, helps him navigate his troubles.  

Tim is a young boy living in an abusive situation. His father is an alcoholic who verbally and physically abuses his family. Tim’s mother tells him and his brother to keep their situation a secret so that they are not separated. Keeping his home life a secret causes Tim to act out at school and get into trouble. His best friend, Haze, has a supportive family and excels in school. When Tim’s life turns upside down, Haze stands by his side and supports him through his transition.

Authors Sparks and Cole have a writing style that any reader would enjoy. The characters show substantial development throughout the book. Readers will enjoy watching the relationship between Tim and Haze grow into something more than best friends. Their relationship is one that teenage readers will be able to relate to.

The language in this contemporary novel is mature for the main characters only being twelve, but given their situations, growing up fast will have that impact. Developing independence at an early age is needed for Tim to survive the life he was dealt.

Rising Together is a compelling coming of age novel, with drama that will appeal to fans of young adult novels. This heartwarming book is a blend of hardships, friendship, and growing into oneself. If you like reading about a budding romance, taking a chance, and a light story then this heartfelt book is for you.

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Brilliant White Peaks

Brilliant White Peaks by Teng Rong is a spellbinding novel that follows a pair of wolf cubs who are born in a valley surrounded by mountains. Their parents teach them how to hunt a variety of different animals. But when winter comes and snow covers the mountains, the family has to leave their home in search of food. When the family is attacked by another pack of wolves, the two pups are separated from their Ma and Pa. White Ears is injured and the pair of young wolves have to wait for her to heal before they go in search of their parents. They set out toward the ocean where they hope to find their Ma and Pa waiting for them. When White Ears and her brother reach the coast, will they finally be reunited with their parents?

This epic adventure story is told from the point of view of a wolf. Written in the first person perspective, the narrator is never given a name. He thinks and talks as one would imagine a wolf would, he uses paws and wolf-lengths as units of measurement instead of the human equivalents. Teng Rong opens the novel with descriptions of the two wolf pups venturing out of the den for the first time at the beginning of the story, and discovering a whole new world of sights and smells and sounds and creatures. This opening transports readers into the world he has created, propelling them into the mind of a young male wolf and setting the stage for a fast paced journey that he is about to undergo.

After the main wolf protagonist is separated from his parents readers will get to know his parents through his memories of their advice. Although White Ears and her brother had been taught to fear wolf strangers, the pair is willing to take in other wolves who were alone without a pack and make them part of their family. Watching how these two adolescent wolves adapt to the struggles they face and grow from them is fascinating. I enjoyed the wonderful character evolution these wolves go through during their journey as readers will see them mature as the novel progresses.

Brilliant White Peaks is a riveting adventure novel for young adults and teens and that will capture the heart of animal lovers of all ages. The unique point of view of this novel, along with it’s engrossing storyline and compelling characters, make this a captivating coming of age story that will be hard to put down.

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Bad Love Medicine

Bad Love Medicine, written by Kevin Schewe, is a pluralistic artwork, within the context of the plot, there are several strands of knowledge, such as: Scientism, Fantasy and historical events. Allied to this, the author has maintained a soundtrack of period music throughout the story. Bad Love Medicine is the fourth book in a series, Bad Love Gang.

The book takes us from the environment of Planet Azur – which is inhabited by several characters, all of whom play important roles in the plot – to one of the most nefarious scenarios in the history of the world, the Holocaust. Within the analysis of the Second World War, the author gives space to facts such as espionage and intrigues involving Germany. The heroes of the Bad Love Gang travel back in time and meet the precursor of the Holocaust himself, Adolf Hitler. With a less attentive look, the genre of the book in question can be understood solely as science fiction, however, with a more attentive look we can insert several genres in the same work.

The aesthetics brought by the author, through the descriptions of the environment, is intense and very palpable, to the point that the reader can feel each environment mentioned, from the terms used and the soundtrack of the book. Time and place is an extremely important and crucial marker for understanding what the author wants to show us, so it is equally important to pay attention to all the markers that are placed throughout the plot.

The story leads us to reflect this context of Europe during the second World War, which was remarkable for humanity and even today leaves us impacted and gives us the feeling of impunity in the face of so much cruelty. Analogously, the Bad Love Gang and its members act not only to avoid chaos, but also to save their friend from terminal cancer, traveling in search of answers for her. The romance is also another outstanding area in this work, which makes it absolutely plural and magical.

Bad Love Medicine is a unique novel that integrates it’s own soundtrack to go with the storyline. Readers of science fiction, historical fiction, and fantasy are going to thoroughly enjoy this riveting auditory experience novel.

Pages: 264 | ASIN : B098TN6GKC

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Voices of Diversity

Voices of Diversity by Vanessa Caraveo, is a collection of poems explaining the cultural and belief constraints that face different groups of people and how they solved their dilemmas. The book mentions recognizable heroes and heroines in an attempt to highlight the importance of empowerment, unification and inclusion. The poems contain themes of gender equality, apartheid, slavery, tourism and cultural differences. The author depicts how women and girls have lower leverage in education and employment. She also shows how black and brown races achieved political and socioeconomic freedom. The ideas in this thought-provoking book chronicle heroes of multiculturalism.

The collection of poems included in this vibrant book touch upon sensitive issues that many face today. The author tells stories of both famous and anonymous heroes in her poems. Vanessa speaks of colored parents as champions to their children letting them know that their diversity makes them special and urges them to embrace the difference. Citing “I Have Dream” she narrates how Martin Luther King Jr fought for emancipation of African American’s rights. She also includes the story of Rosa Parks as part of the civil rights movement. The poems are not limited to political topics, but also humanitarian issues as well. Included is an excerpt on “Mother Teresa”, who is lauded worldwide for her work with the needy.

This insightful collection would appeal to teachers to read to kids in school, and parents wishing to introduce these topics to kids in a gentle way. This inclusivity makes this children’s book fun and captivating.

Pages: 86 | ASIN : B085PPXV6B

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Becoming Truitt Skye

Truvie Tucker, a 17-year-old Milwaukee girl who loves physics and quantum theory, spends her days with her dad doing physics experiments in his shed. One day Truvie suffers from a devastating head injury, for which she’ll need surgery. When she goes under the anesthesia, she travels to another realm… The City of the Sea, and discovers that she’s actually Truitt Skye, a powerful soul who left the City 17 years ago to save humanity from being destroyed. “How could this be?” She wondered. Truvie has no memory of this prior life at all. Now it’s up to Truvie to remember who she is and save the world.

When it comes to Becoming Truitt Skye, author Adrea L. Peters writes this piece masterfully. Using powerful language from page one, she truly captures your imagination while she guides you through her book with simple and easy-to-understand dialogue. Teaching readers about love, family, science, spirituality, and so much more along the way. Peters has a talent for crafting memorable characters that will make you fall in love with them. Readers will be filled with nostalgia of their own childhood as they follow Truvie’s riveting story.

Becoming Truitt Skye, by Adrea L. Peters will make readers believe in magic and science, fill them with excitement and frustration, and take them on a captivating journey. From page one readers will be drawn into this enchanting novel, the writing style is in-depth and allows readers to fully immerse themselves in the world created by Adrea L Peters. Fans of teen fiction and young adult readers will enjoy this magical escape.

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Swords of Redemption

Rowan Staeffler’s Swords of Redemption is the second book of the Swords of Deception Novel series. After discovering the dark truths about the witch council, Ellemar Vancel attempts to overthrow them but fails to do so. She and her supporters face the wrath of the witches, and they are expected to give in to the council’s way of maintaining equilibrium. 

Ellemar is saved from the council’s clutches but at a high cost. In an attempt to liberate the kingdom, she and Celeana make an ambitious plan. The kingdom’s future is at stake here– and so is her freedom. Will she be able to succeed? How will she manage an army within a kingdom that is ruled by the witch council?

This engrossing sword and sorcery book beautifully blends fantasy with adventure and takes readers on a thrilling ride from the beginning till the end. There is continuous action to keep readers engaged through the entire novel. Betrayal, enmity, the loss of love– are some of the themes presented by the author.  

Readers are given a glimpse into Celeana’s character as much as Ellemar’s, in much more detail than in the first book. Ellemar’s fighting spirit, courage to stand against corruption, and will to stand for what is right make her admirable, while Celeana’s immense power and charm help her shine through. Even though the story is a continuation, you can read this book as a standalone novel too. 

Swords of Redemption by Rowan Staeffler’s is riveting and fast paced. The easy-flowing language is reader-friendly, and the small chapters manage to hold the attention of even the most impatient readers. For those who enjoy light fantasy novels, this one is surely a must-read.

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