Making Your Mark | Leaving a Legacy | And then… A Grand Exit That’ll Have Their Tongues Waggin’

Have you ever wondered whether you will have an impact on the world? An experience that, even after our departure, will live on in everyone’s memory? Than Making Your Mark, Leaving a Legacy, And then… A Grand Exit That’ll Have Their Tongues Waggin, by Peter Davidson, speaks about just that phenomenon! It comes with an abundance of ideas, such as starting a collection you can leave for those close to you or succeeding. Some may even consider you a hoarder during the process but giving your children or grandchildren your prized coin collection, season tickets, or concert tickets could be a tremendous amount of fun. It would really be of great importance for your legacy in the long run. Peter Davidson gives ideas from hypothetical situations and real-life examples to leave your mark.

A section of the book includes the celebration of life party and a final farewell for Timothy A. B. Smythe, leaving everyone who knew Timothy and Timothy himself with a smile. It was the best section of the book. Recognizing that his days were numbered, he organized a “Living Wake” with the support of his friends and family. Then, soon after his passing, a wild celebration honored everything about his life. The coffin was modeled after Timothy A.B. Smythe’s favorite vehicle. The entire ceremony was emotional and touching. This scene would leave you in tears.

A great book is presented here. It does a great job of making light of a very horrible circumstance. The author sets out to help readers prepare for what will eventually come and to make the best of the situation, even presenting ways to make it a time to remember for family and friends that remain. A few noteworthy aspects of this book include the author’s constant encouragement to readers to always see the positive.

Overall, the book is enjoyable to read and offers readers a little push to ensure they make a “Grand Exit.” One of those few keepsakes that kept me happy all the way to the finish. I’d give it a perfect score and suggest this book to everyone who has a handle on life and is searching for the next big step.

Pages: 287 | ASIN : B0B3W5YTYZ

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