Experiencing the Power of the DIVINE

Author Interview
P J Ricchiuti Author Interview

Designed Illusions: Via Divine Power is a fascinating memoir detailing your experiences and designed illusions. Why was this an important book for you to write?

No doubt in my mind DIVINE want. 

I appreciated how candid you were in this book. What was the hardest thing for you to write about?

Negativity within my mother.

What were some ideas that were important for you to share in this book?

Experiencing the Power of the DIVINE.

Do you plan to write another memoir that picks up after 1948?

It already continues on after 1948.

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Giving constant thoughts of my time in Vasto, Italy, 1945, at seven years old, I always ventured in part of Vasto town. I saw not a single person or activity. Eventually, I made my way toward a large body of water, much later known to me as Adriatic Sea. I stood there, still saw no one or activity, not a single ship or vessel. I knew nothing of World War II. Then the war either still active or about to end.As I was about to go backward, metal wheels alerted me that I would finally see someone. Scooter Boy, about my age, stopped in front of me. We spoke, but it led nowhere. I never saw him again. I was alone again. The scooter boy and I spoke a foreign language-English. I didn’t know that I shouldn’t speak English. It would be my only language ever.On my own, I was always barefoot but never felt any discomfort and never gave it a thought. I never ate anything, never had an appetite, and thus never had a toilet break. I didn’t know anything of a toilet. I proceeded on without normal sense. My time in Vasto was always a sunny day. A drop of rain had never fallen on me. All per divine power. Then I didn’t know it but had my suspicions. Now when I think of the Adriatic Sea, I don’t see just an empty large body of water. Now I know of a violent world of a time gone by. I’m totally aware of the horror of the mass murder of men, women, and children in most of the countries across where I had stood looking out at an empty sea.

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