The Awkward Dinosaurs

Have you ever wondered about lesser-known dinosaurs? Do you ever wonder if there are some strange ones that you might not have ever heard of or imagined your own new and exciting ones? The Awkward Dinosaurs by Kellen Roggenbuck is a humorous and delightful picture book that children and adults will be able to laugh and giggle at. Each page introduces a previously unheard-of dinosaur with an awkward personality or physical trait. One thing these dinosaurs do not lack is self-confidence. They are all happy with who they are and how they look.

Author and illustrator Kellen Roggenbuck has created a picture book that will capture the interests of babies just learning to look at pictures to adults that want good clean humor. I genuinely laughed as I read through this children’s book. Shyladon is probably my favorite dinosaur in this collection. I love how just because he isn’t a fan of large crowds, he is fine and not ashamed of this. Children will have no trouble finding a dinosaur in this book that they can relate to and appreciate.

The awkward dinosaurs teach young children that being different is okay and something to be proud of. If you are different and stand out from a group of friends, that is not bad; everyone is unique, even if they think it is awkward at first, like glowing in the dark or being plaid.

The Awkward Dinosaurs is a magical picture book that would make a wonderful gift for young children just getting interested in books as the bright colors, and entertaining illustrations will keep them engaged. It would also be a great addition to a kindergarten or preschool classroom to help teach and celebrate diversity.

Pages: 28 | ISBN: 0578799103

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  1. Deanie Humphrys-Dunne, children's author

    This book sounds perfect for little ones and the cover is so cute.


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