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The String

A young boy was having a normal ordinary day when he discovered a ball of string. There is nothing magical or special about this string. However, when he ties the string to his finger, he remembers to do his chores, wear his helmet, do his homework, and brush his teeth. Then the boy uses the string to do fun things like walk the dog and fly a kite. It isn’t long before he imagines all the fun and exciting adventures he can go on with his string. What started as a simple ordinary string became an extraordinary source of imagination and inspiration for many great adventures.

The String, written and illustrated by T.C. Bartlett, is a whimsical picture book about a boy and how he discovers all the fun he can have using his imagination and a piece of string. The illustrations are humorous and engaging, taking young readers on a journey with the boy to discover all the uses for his newly found string. I loved the creative uses for such a simple object. No magic or mystery was involved, just one active imagination and willingness to see what could happen. This is an important lesson for kids, a chance to grow their minds with simple things in a world where electronics seem to rule the entertainment industry. Yet, this incredible story shows that something so simple and common can provide hours of enjoyment and use.

The String is a beautifully written children’s book that teaches children to look for wonder in simple everyday objects. It teaches them to use their imagination to find things to explore their world. This is a beautiful book for preschool and kindergarten children to read and open up discussions of exploring their environment to make the most of what is around them each day.

Pages: 48 | ISBN : 1733908676

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The Moon Child

One night, a baby is left outside a doorway. The parents kiss their child goodbye, leave a note, and say goodbye. The Moon takes great interest in the child and asks the Sun for help. She is watched over by the Sun and the Moon throughout her life and is connected to her birth parents through them.

Author Geraldine Moran shares a personal story with readers with her heartfelt children’s book, The Moon Child. This is an imaginative story that bring the Sun and the Moon to life and gives hope to any child that is adopted and might feel disconnected from their birth parents. It inspires hope and tells a stirring story that feels like a folktale.

The gorgeous artwork by illustrator Daniella Banco reflects the warm and sincere tone of the story. Each page contains beautiful watercolor artwork that will capture the attention of any young child as their parents or teachers read this story to them. I especially loved the image where the baby’s parents stood under the tree at night.

The Moon Child is a stirring and uplifting children’s book that will touch the hearts of readers. I would highly recommend this wonderful book to children who are struggling with adoption, or to anyone who feels out of place.

Pages: 24 | ASIN: B0BN5LL69R

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Winter in the Forest

Winter is not just cold air and getting dark earlier. Winter is a time of wonder and exploration. A snow-covered forest is perfect for going out and hunting animal tracks and learning about nature. Winter in the Forest: A Seasons in the Forest Book, written and illustrated by Christine Copeland, is a wonderfully put-together field guild-style book for children three to eight years old. From bunnies, birds, deer, coyotes, and even bears, children will see how some animals are active all winter, some thrive in the dark, and others prefer to be dormant and rest the cold weather away.

Children and adults will enjoy reading this picture book with a lyrical narrative and awe-inspiring illustrations. The artwork looks like an oil painting, and the scenes come to life, drawing readers to the beauty of this winter world. Included are detailed drawings of different animal tracks that children can use to identify tracks they find in the wilderness. Everything is presented in a factual but age-appropriate manner so that even preschool-age children can understand and grasp the concepts that are shared.

Winter in the Forest: A Seasons in the Forest Book is a fascinating and educational children’s book that teaches about how some of the forest animals spend the winter season. Teachers will love having this to talk to students about changing seasons and introduce science concepts to young learners. From interesting facts to beautiful artwork, Christine Copeland has created a book that will be cherished for years to come and a welcome addition to any school or home library.

Pages: 32 | ASIN : B0BPN4QQRC

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Stella and the Magic Stone

Stella and the Magic Stone, written by Tuula Pere, is an enchanting story of young Stella, her beloved Grandfather, and a miraculous Magic Stone. During the summer, one of the activities Stella and her Grandfather do together is searching through the quarry to find interesting rocks. But then, her Grandfather is sent to the hospital after falling off his bike and injuring his head, leaving him unconscious for many days. Missing him so badly, Stella comes up with a plan to find a ‘magic stone’ that will wake her grandpa up. Grandpa said they exist; could she find one in time?

This is such a sweet story of love, persistence, and resilience. Stella is such an endearingly lovely character that the reader cannot help but fall in love with her. She is curious, loving, and above all else, brave. She takes it upon herself to search for a ‘magic stone’ that she knows can help her grandpa. The author does a fabulous job in creating this magical world where we are enraptured with every page and rooting for Stella to find her ‘magic stone.’

I absolutely adored the relationship Stella had with her Grandfather. I would highly recommend this book; it is the perfect book for any young reader, as it is easy to follow and keeps readers engaged in the story’s outcome. In addition, the whimsical illustrations by Sanna Pelliccioni add to the charm and mystical nature of the story. Young readers and adults will love watching Stella and her relationship with her Grandfather in this charming children’s book.

Pages: 36 | ISBN : 9527107911

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Circus Dogs Roscoe and Rolly

Circus Dogs Roscoe and Rolly, written by Tuula Pere and Francesco Orazzini, is a sweet story about two circus companions, one young and agile, the other old and wise, that make the perfect team. Rolly, fresh and eager to learn the tricks of the trade, pick up the acts quickly and becomes beloved by their child audience in no time. Roscoe, the more seasoned actor of the duo, is Rolly’s mentor, but he is growing older and playing a less active role in the show. Leaving Roscoe struggling to find purpose in the show that, as he sees it, is doing just fine without him. When disaster strikes, Roscoe proves he still has one more trick up his sleeve, and only he can save the day.

This is a beautifully written story of two friends who, although at different stages of their lives, show compassion, understanding, and strength for one another. The authors do a remarkable job of highlighting the importance of realizing your strengths and never giving up in life. Along with the charming illustrations, this is the perfect story for young readers because it is easy to follow, and the message is evident throughout. It is incredibly vital to instill perseverance and self-confidence no matter the circumstance, and these delightfully lovable characters succeed in allowing this message to shine through.

Circus Dogs Roscoe and Rolly, written by Tuula Pere and illustrated by Francesco Orazzini, is a heartwarming picturebook about appreciating everyone is different and has different skills and abilities. This wonderful children’s story shows kids that everyone has value in life and can make a difference positively.

Pages: 20 | ASIN : B07HYYWBL2

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Nature Study Buddies

Nature Study Buddies, is book 3 of Leigh’s Wheelie Adventures by Charlene McIver and Claudia Gadotti. In this educational book readers follow three young children who have been tasked with an assignment from school to study animals of their choosing. Tara, Cosmo, and Leigh decide nocturnal animals would be fun and know just where to find them. In Leigh’s backyard in his gum tree, because he see’s glowing eyes in the tree at night sometimes. There is only one catch, how will Leigh, who is wheelchair bound, get up into the tree to study these nocturnal animals?

I absolutely love the idea of children who are fascinated by animals and learning all they can about them. It connects them to the world around them and feeds their curiosity. Sometimes we think disabled people are not able to fully enjoy things abled bodied people could do, and I enjoyed that this book invited that thought in and shattered it quickly. We must do things differently sometimes to have the same desired results if one is disabled, and when Leigh stayed put on the ground, staying quiet in the night, he was able to see all the beautiful nocturnal animals he was worried he would miss out on.

Nature Study Buddies is an inspirational story showing friends coming together and working on something they love. The illustrations gave life to the story and brought out the rustic look of the wild animals at night. This will be an uplifting book to read to young children at bedtime, and will be perfect for any teacher that wants to educate their students on nature, accepting others, and building friendships.

Pages: 36 | ASIN: 0645483109

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Myra the Grumpy Puppy and Wise Old Dimple

Myra is a little grumpy, and because of that none of the other puppies want to play with her. On her way back home, she runs into Old Dimple. He wants to help her be happy and have lots of friends so he gives her a challenge: for thirty days Myra needs to look around her and find something to be grateful for. Can Myra complete the challenge? Find out in Myra the Grumpy Puppy and Wise Old Dimple.

This is an inspirational children’s book that will give young readers the tools they need to see the positive side of things. There is one page for each day of the challenge. On each day readers are treated to a bit of Myra’s story, they need to circle the day of the week, and they’re prompted to think of something they’re grateful for. This provides several different opportunities to learn. Children will learn the days of the week by repeatedly finding and circling the day of the week. And I love the prompt before the section where they can write in what the reader is grateful. This is because I find that many children struggle with thinking of something to be grateful for. The prompts help place them in the right state of mind. Examples include, “Think about your room. What do you like about it?” and “Think about your family. What do you like best about them?”.

In this vibrant children’s book kids will find that they appreciate many things in their life, just like Myra. By the end they’ll see that they have plenty of positive things in their life and that will inspire them to be happy. Myra the Grumpy Puppy and Wise Old Dimple is a wonderful resource for parents and teachers who want to educate their kids on what it means to be appreciative and to see the good things in their life.

Pages: 35 | ASIN: B0B9DRCSJL

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Music of the World

Sophia woke up one morning and decided it was the perfect day to walk outside. She gets ready and puts in her favorite headphones to listen to her music as she heads out for her walk. Dancing away to the music in her ears, she can not hear her mom or friends talking to her and dances right on by them all. On her walk, she trips and drops her music machine breaking it. At first, she is saddened that she can no longer listen to her music, but soon she realizes there are unique sounds and music all around her.

Music of the World by Elizabeth Despres is an inspiring children’s book about all the beautiful sounds that can be found around us each day. When technology is put away for a bit, and you listen to the world around you, you find music and rhythm in all things. Sophia learns that she loves the sounds of nature that she had never noticed before. In addition, she could connect with people she hadn’t heard when listening to her headphones. It is a wonderful message about being present in your world and seeing and hearing all that is around you. With so much technology available to children, it is an excellent reminder of the simple things in life that can still provide joy and entertainment.

The whimsical artwork by Rae West is colorful and engaging. Children will love following Sophia on her walk, pointing out all the exciting sounds she hears, and seeing everything she experiences. The illustrations perfectly express Sophia’s joy and wonder as she discovers the music around her in everyday activities.

Music of the World is a beautifully written picture book that will teach children about the amazing sounds and music in life. It teaches them to look for nature’s beautiful sounds and be present in life and the world around them. This exceptional children’s book would be a wonderful addition to a preschool, elementary school, or home library.

Pages: 32 | ASIN : B0BKTSWHNG

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