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Adventures with Pop Pop at Grant’s Farm

In this touching story written by Warren Martin, we follow Dean and Levi, who learn about the importance of spending quality time with family. All families have their traditions. It could be yearly summer vacations, specific foods during the holidays, or a family trip. In, Adventures with Pop Pop at Grant’s Farm this is where Dean and Levi year after year spend time with their loved ones on a family trip. We watch through sweet illustrations done by Kat Powell as each member grows and connects with one another with every passing year.

Children will love following Dean and Levi as they visit Grant’s Farm. They will see all the different animals on the farm. It is also great to see how they return for other holidays and how things change and stay the same, highlighting how one place can bring many different memories and emotions. It is touching to see how not only did the farm change over time but so did the family.

This story hits a very emotional spot by the end. It showcases the time we all have together and highlights the fact that we should all fully enjoy the experiences we have with one another and be so grateful for the time allotted to us. Our love and memories of the past make up a good part of who we are as people. The message of family is delivered clearly enough for any reader to grasp and enjoy.

Adventures with Pop Pop at Grant’s Farm is a touching children’s book about the importance of cherishing family. This book made me reflect on my memories with loved ones who are still with us and those who are not. Although it made me tear up by the end, they were happy tears. I would recommend this to any reader; just maybe grab a tissue or two.

Pages: 42 | ASIN : B0BFM85GX7

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Scamper And The Magic Of Appreciation

In Scamper and the Magic of Appreciation by Michal Y. Noah and Loren Noah, we are taken on a journey by Scamper, the squirrel who allows us to see the beauty in everyday little moments and to appreciate all we have around us.

The poetic prose of the story from start to finish is impressive. Just like the author’s note at the beginning of the story, we read impactful words of empowerment and feel motivated by every word throughout. The illustrations by Favreau are enchanting and sweet, literally beaming joy from every page.

I agree with the author about the importance of empowering young children and knowing their happiness and self-worth are in their own minds. I believe we sometimes forget as parents or caretakers how critical it is for an adolescent mind to learn the value of self-esteem and tend to only teach our children to just be ‘good kids.’ This book helps me remember that although, yes, we want our kids to behave nicely, especially around other people, to be good to themselves and enjoy life is just as equally relevant.

I would recommend this book to anyone with children or even someone who is looking for a confidence boost or great motivational quotes. The story has loads of them strewn about its length. This quote in particular, “Above me a blank canvas, a sky that’s clear and blue; On it I can paint my dreams, each day I will start anew.”, fills me with such hope and rapture that I will very likely repeat that as a morning mantra from now on.

Scamper and the Magic of Appreciation is a beautifully written picture book that encourages children, and adults, to look for the beauty within themselves. This children’s book is empowering as well as entertaining and will be a book that the whole family will want to read more than once.

Pages: 36 | ISBN : 0996775757

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Kittens Learn About Holidays

There are so many holidays that it can be quite overwhelming to celebrate them all and learn about them. In Kittens Learn About Holidays by Shan Frazier, we are introduced to a group of loveable kittens who have just been adopted and need to get up to date with society’s holidays to be able to fully embrace their new lives. This educational story is filled to the brim with small bits of information I feel like we all should know, but one would be a liar if they dared say so. I found an abundance of newfound knowledge in every holiday introduced and now feel completely informed, as should these kittens.

The illustrations are just adorable and extremely delightful and depict each holiday perfectly. The dedication at the beginning of the book was so incredibly sweet that I could relate instantly to the author. Having a parent that goes above and beyond for special occasions or celebrations are memories that we cherish for a lifetime and tend to pass down as tradition.

Young readers who pick this book up will gush over the cute tiny felines and swallow up all the acquired facts strewn throughout. I just know my own children will love all the items and decorations on each page and we will have nonstop conversations over them. This turns a cute story into the perfect one for learning together and starting conversations about different cultures and religions. I feel the book was well thought out, researched, and expertly written.

Kittens Learn About Holidays is a beautifully written picture book that will educate and entertain children with details about their favorite holidays and teach them about new ones. This multicultural children’s book would be the perfect addition to a classroom and home to share with kids.

Pages: 40 | ASIN : B0B7PSHK8T

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Christmas Sunrise

Christmas Eve is a magical time for children and adults alike. Hope and excitement fill their hearts and minds as they anxiously wait the morning. This heartwarming picture book has three Christmas Eve memories from different family members. Each story is told from the perspective of a different stage in life, grandparent, mother, and child. Readers feel the excitement and anticipation through the pages as they wait to see Christmas morning arrive. The themes of family and hope shine through each page and give readers that warm fuzzy feeling that this time of year brings out.

Author Dr. Calvin James and illustrator Jordan Pizzuti have created a memorable story in Christmas Sunrise. Dr. James’s storytelling feels like sitting and listening to older relatives share what life was like when they were growing up. That feeling of nostalgia and comfort comes through each little story in this book. The artwork adds character and allows the readers, especially children, to relate to the story and the things that are happening. Children will feel the excitement and inability to sleep on the night before Christmas as they read the pages. They will be transported to that time in their life when they wait for sleep to overtake them so they can wake up in the morning to the joy of Christmas day.

Christmas Sunrise is a beautifully written picture book that encompasses the wonder of the season. The memories of wishing for a white Christmas, the anticipation of falling asleep and waking up Christmas morning, and the joy of being with family on this special day. Three generations are represented in this touching children’s book, and families will love reading it together.

Pages: 24 | ISBN: 173717894X

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Magnificent Mocha Monty

Magnificent Mocha Monty by Holland Jordan is a heartwarming picture book about a little boy that is filled with self-confidence and self-love. He knows he is special and appreciates all his physical attributes without comparing himself to anyone else. Monty’s joy and pride are infectious when telling readers all about his magnificent parts. Children will love seeing another child, especially those with mocha skin, be proud of who they are and tell the whole world how wonderful it is to be yourself.

This emotional children’s book written for preschoolers and young elementary students is filled with positive messages. It is important to ensure all children have representation in literature so they can have someone to relate to. Monty is an amazing role model for young children that may be feeling self-conscious about looking different from friends and classmates.

The illustrations from Mosaku Ogooluwa and Illustrationpal/Sam are bright and engaging. Using the caricature style for Monty gives him a great personality and allows young readers to feel the excitement that he does with each page and declaration. Reading this story to kids will be fun as they look through the bold illustrations and point out each characteristic that Monty is proud of.

In addition to the important story in this picture book, several teaching resources are included. This makes it easy to incorporate the book into a lesson plan activity. There are also several worksheets included in the book that can be used in the classroom. The author even includes permission to copy the activities. It is clear that Holland Jordan has an educational background and knows what children and teachers need.

Magnificent Mocha Monty is an extraordinary picture book that children and teachers will love. Filled with positive thoughts and playful illustrations, this is sure to become a favorite book of children and adults.

Pages: 29 | ASIN : B0BH1DNZ2J

Dream Big…even when you’re small

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A small little sea star from the Atlantic Sea loves his home but wants to see what else is out in the world. He finds an island to visit, but first, he needs a boat. After building a boat from some wood, he finds he travels to the new island and starts his adventure. He makes new friends, tries new things, and has an adventure. After spending the day in the sun, he realizes he wants to try someplace cold, so he goes off to see an iceberg! Quickly realizing that the cold was not for him, he rides a narwhal back home to the Atlantic Sea.

Dream Big…even when you’re small, written and illustrated by Karen Quigley, is an adorable picture book that will entertain and educate children. When the starfish wants to try out something new, he makes a plan and does not let his small size stop him from doing big things. The rhyming story makes it delightful to read, especially out loud. The lines are short and would be perfect for beginning readers to learn as I noticed many site words in these sentences.

While the story is entertaining, the illustrations really bring this children’s book to life. I loved all the different expressions on the sea creatures, especially the grumpy/nurvous-looking crab. I could easily see a companion coloring book to go with this picture book the illustrations are that fun.

Sprinkled into the amusing story of a starfish traveling, there are lessons about using manners, making friends, being respectful, and appreciating the things you have in life. It is an all-around feel-good story that will remind children that traveling is fun and a great adventure, but to be excited and grateful when they return home.

Dream Big…even when you’re small is a whimsical picture book that children and adults can enjoy reading together. The colorful artwork gives readers lots to talk about and point out, making the reading experience active for even toddlers. This is the perfect book for preschool and kindergarten classrooms.

Pages: 32 | ISBN : 1999397320

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Hooray for Heidi! (The Sumatran Trilogy)

Heidi, the Sumatran turtle, is excited for the day ahead. Today is the first day of the Sumatran Games, and this is the first time she gets to attend. Heidi moves as quickly as she can, given her short turtle legs, but she falls behind the other animals. Finally, a kind, friendly elephant named Jose stops and asks if she needs help. When she explains she is trying to get to the games, Jose picks her up and carries her the rest of the way. Once at the games, the two new friends watch the events, and Heidi becomes sad watching all the things she can not do. Eventually, Jose also grows sad because of Heidi’s morose attitude. Once Heidi realizes her lousy attitude has upset her new friends, she comes up with a plan to make them both feel better about the skills they do possess. While her plan doesn’t work out exactly as they hoped, they learn a valuable lesson about teamwork.

Hooray for Heidi! written by Emma Sandford and illustrated by Olena Osadcha is a beautiful picture book about teamwork and appreciating the unique skills that everyone has. Not everyone in life is strong, fast, or flexible, but that does not mean that they do not have value. This children’s book highlights that kids often feel self-conscious when watching others that have better skills or abilities than themselves. It can be challenging to overcome those feelings and feel valuable.

Emma has written this fantastic book showing that everyone can contribute and be a valued member of the team. With a focus on teamwork, kids will learn how helping others and working together brings its own rewards, even if it is not the trophy they were after. The other focus in this whimsical picture book is friendship. For example, an elephant and a turtle become great friends despite being so different from one another. This is an excellent example for young children to look past the physical differences in each other and value people for who they are inside.

Hooray for Heidi! is a beautifully written picture book that teaches children the value of friendship and teamwork. This would be a wonderful book for preschool and kindergarten classrooms to help kids learn how to work together to achieve a common goal. There is also the message that sometimes things do not go as planned, which is okay too!

Pages: 30 | ASIN : B0BFNT32T1

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What a Muck

Have you ever found yourself trying to help someone with a task but then finding yourself making an even bigger mess? In What A Muck by Linda Sachs, Drew finds out the answer to that question is an absolute yes!

While Mom and Drew are packing up the car with gardening tools to go help Papa Lou in his garden, Drew accidentally locks the keys inside their car, they must walk to Papa Lou’s house in the hot sun, leaving them unable to garden and clean up the muck.

Now Drew has another idea. Drew wants to help Papa Lou, so Drew hops in the truck and proceeds to pull the stick shift down. The truck begins to roll away. Thankfully before the truck could crash into a pole, Drew was able to clean up the muck and knows now that it is important to ask how to be helpful.

In this charming rhyming children’s story, we follow young Drew, who only wants to be helpful but causes some chaos instead. Drew’s heart is always in the right place, but it is hard to figure out the correct way to help. I felt the situations Drew got into could realistically happen to other children; this makes the story both comical and frightening. This amusing story reminded me of reading about Curious George with all the unintentional mishaps that Drew ends up in.

The author has a great vision with the message in the story, such as that it is important to want to be helpful but even more important to ask HOW to help. In addition, I enjoyed that the book also shows children playing an active role in activities with family, which is extremely important for children’s self-esteem.

What a Muck by Linda Sachs and illustrated by Katrina Sachs is an entertaining picture book that shows children the importance of not just helping but making sure they are helping in a manner that is actually helpful. This would be a great aid in teaching children the importance of communication, teamwork, and trust.

Pages: 31 | ASIN : B09XWHT8SL

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