Full Circle: Lucia’s Story

Vince and Lucia Rossi are married with two kids, Mario and Anna. Life isn’t the easiest for the Rossis’ in 1967 because, while struggling financially, Vince is also an abusive husband and doesn’t treat his family very well. Lucia is a strong women and does all she can with help from close friends and family. They get a lot of help from Sam who is married to Vince’s sister. He helps out by always being there for Lucia and the kids whenever they need him, even if he has to protect them from Vince. He really cares for them and wants them all to be happy, and I loved this part of Sam. Vince eventually pays for the consequences of his actions, which leave Lucia as a single mother with two kids to support.

One of my favorite characters in this thought-provoking book was Sam. He was so caring and generous with Lucia and the kids. He wanted what was best for them, even if it meant threatening Vince on how he treats them. He experiences some heartache in the story too but in the end he is as happy as Lucia. I know this is ‘Lucia’s Story’ but Sam just resonated with me.

I really enjoyed the emotional connection between the characters. It was heartwarming and one of the more compelling elements to this story. Lucia’s determination and passion shows through her love for hers kids. She was in a unhealthy relationship while in her marriage, but she never let the kids be affected by it or let it show. Lucia’s character has so much depth and I enjoyed how we got to explore that depth throughout the story.

This is a character driven story, with Lucia at the center of it, and I heartily enjoyed following her. The characters were all well developed, even Vince, as they all felt authentic. Vince was the main obstacle throughout the story and once he was gone there wasn’t much more to overcome. I would have enjoyed following Lucia through different events because I enjoyed seeing how she handled situations. I did love the addition of some characters, like Luke, who brought more entertainment to the story. The romance between him and Anna was sweet and lovely to read about. The story follows different characters and jumps back and forth between them, which keeps readers on their toes and ensures we’re always engaged with where the story is heading next.

Full Circle by Robert J Saniscalchi takes readers on a heartfelt journey with compelling characters. I would recommend this book to readers who are looking for an impassioned novel that exemplifies the importance of family and love and shows how honesty and loyalty play pivotal roles in our lives.

Pages: 120 | ASIN: B0BB845C37

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