I Am An Author With A Disability

Argyro Graphy Author Interview

The Adventures of Bentley Hippo: Inspiring Children to be Patient follows an excited monkey who can not wait to ride on the new rocket in his town. What was the inspiration for your story? 

I am an author with a disability.  Since acquiring this new disability I saw a shift in how others treated me. I made a bold move and gave each of my characters a challenge/disability hoping to normalize them in the eyes of children so they judge less and accept more.  Jaxon has ADHD and though there are different levels on the Spectrum, I wanted to bring out the character’s personality, more than the condition/challenge.  I took one look at Jaxon and had to give him this adorable, fun personality that gets himself into trouble.  He has been so very well received by children  

The art in this book is fantastic. What was the art collaboration process like with illustrator Michael Reyes?

The first two books were created by another illustrator.  I had the characters, especially Bentley, as he is my creation.  When I decided to seek out other talents, I approached Michael and after seeing the expressions that he captured so well, I knew that he would be completing the remaining 3 books in the series and re-doing the first two so that everything was uniform.  We have built a good understanding of the style I like and well, he works his magic. 

What were some educational aspects that were important for you to include in this children’s book?

As I wrote the story there were a few things I wanted kids to take away from the book.  The first was for children to learn about others and their behaviours, this way they understand and appreciate them more. Second is that we sometimes need to practice patience with those who don’t have patience, and finally, I wanted to show kids that plans don’t always work out and that they should be flexible.  Bentley didn’t ride the rocket that he envisioned but the friends had a great adventure on the ride they did take.

What is the next book in The Adventures of Bently that you are working on and when will it be available?

I currently have 12 stories for Bentley and the gang, including branching off of each character.  I just released an all-in-one diabetes tracking journal for kids featuring Toby, my timid elephant that has diabetes, hoping to be able to donate as many as possible.  The most popular question I get during book readings is, “where did Bentley get his shoes from“ that story will be released in 2023.  It is a story where the characters do not believe in recycling and Jaxon just doesn’t get it.  I have the one scene with Jaxon that I know Michael will capture beautifully and will ignite some good chuckles out of the kids.  The book I hope to release very soon is the background of the characters.  Their own stories. For example Marty the lion is not aggressive or loud and has alopecia. He was abandoned by his mother.  Bentley befriended him and to boost his self-confidence, he gifted Marty a thick red mane.  This book will help children familiarize themselves with the gang and also their conditions.

The reason I did not start with this book is that I wanted children to go through a few adventures to see that just because you have a disability or challenge does not mean you can’t do things.

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How can someone so small cause such a disturbance?
Stuck in a long lineup for a chance to ride a rocket ship to the moon, Jaxon grows impatient and decides to make a dash to the front. With little regard for those around him, Jaxon’s anxiety and excitement get the best of him, and he simply can’t sit still. In a matter of minutes, ice cream cones are flying everywhere.

Can Bentley and the others teach a hyperactive monkey how to calm down and wait patiently like the others?

Children will learn:
the importance of being patient and waiting their turn
understanding their emotions
identifying ways to reduce their anxiety and ways to stay calm.
paying attention to those around them
Inspiring Children to be Patient is part of this fabulous 5-book series of children’s picture books, following a bubbly, kind hippo and his diverse group of friends. It carries important messages and social-emotional values like friendship, sharing and teamwork, and kindness for kids. It is filled with colorful images that children will love, set out to become a firm favorite for your child’s bedtime read.

must-have collection for any classroom, home, and library. Ideal for children ages 4-8. Toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten, and elementary grades will enjoy the benefits of this book and series.

*Be sure to check out the final book in the series Inspiring Children to Accept Each Other to find out what happens when Bentley is forced to choose between his space dream of going to the moon and his friends. Be sure to download activities for each of our titles at bentleythehippo.com

Note: this title and the other books in the series have been updated to bring you an even better version that earned each title multiple awards.

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