Secrets In The Mirror

Leslie Kain’s Secrets in the Mirror is a psychological thriller that brilliantly portrays how psychological disorders can affect lives and even destroy families. The story deals with years of both mental and physical abuse, generational trauma, and gaslighting as well as murder and crime.

Gavin and Devon are mirror twins, meaning they are literally opposites of each other- both inside and out. The story follows Gavin, who is gaslighted and abused by both his father and twin, Devon, who has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Their father painted Devon as the ‘winner’ at everything throughout their lives, further feeding his son’s narcissistic view of the world. Gavin was given the role of Devon’s caretaker with no purpose of his own. As a result, Gavin struggled to define his self-worth and felt inferior all his life, like he was only half a person without his toxic twin brother.

The author excellently portrays how generational trauma shaped the father and the twins as they grew up, the toxic and rigid stereotypes, expectations, and values that were instilled in their dad, and how he tried to inculcate them in his sons as well. The twins’ mother was a competent and qualified woman who wanted to protect Gavin as much as possible. Yet, simultaneously, she was a victim of her husband’s gaslighting and abuse.

This family dynamic also contributed to shaping the environment the twins grew up in. The story has chapters from numerous points of view, and through Devon’s chapters, we see the extent of his warped reality and perspective. As the story progresses, Gavin suffers losses but also finds love, and in the end, he has to save the people who had destroyed his self-esteem as he grew up.

The novel is well written, with notable supporting characters who enhance the story further. I recommend this book to everyone, but I suggest you proceed with caution and read the trigger warnings given by the author as the story deals with mature and disturbing themes that could trigger some.

Secrets in the Mirror is a coming-of-age psychological thriller that takes readers into the mind and world of twin brothers. One who wants nothing more than break away and be his own person, the other a dark and twisted narcissistic abuser. This captivating story of crime and loyalty will play at the reader’s emotions as they follow along and experience the effects of mental illness on all that come in contact with it.

Pages: 366 | ASIN : B0B34H59Y1

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