Down Wind and out of Sight

Down Wind and Out of Sight by Douglas Richardson is an unexpectedly riveting and compelling novel that exceeds expectations. Hugh Ullam has had a complicated life since his childhood. As an Aboriginal child born in Australia, he faced horrific discrimination and mistreatment from an early age. However, his life would eventually follow an unforeseen journey with many ups and downs. Landing a new job at Bohemia Manor as its General Manager, he gets to share a living with a peculiar mixed group of people, among them Rickey Bayard, an autistic kid and the central focus at the manor: the group’s intention is to guide her and protect her under her father’s directions.

During the first chapters, time seemed to pass by, just as time passed by at Bo Manor. This gave the book’s first quarter slow pacing that made it hard to figure out where the plot would eventually lead to. However, after a while, unprecedented events started to happen, and the story reached a high level of intrigue. The plot becomes quite suspenseful, and every chapter brings the reader closer to the familial bond that inevitably is created between the residents of the manor. Time builds affection among the characters, bringing to light their unique traits and depth of thought.

The entire storyline is an enjoyable ride full of twists and turns. The plot became thicker after every chapter and allowed the book to develop into a unique thriller that was hard to stay away from. A page-turner, the novel builds tension and presents complex characters with distinctive personalities, and one inevitably grows attached to them. The book also showcases relevant societal problems that make people’s lives more difficult. For example, there are realistic depictions of racism at many levels, following specific historical events and shedding light on problems of the present and past that have setback the lives of many. There’s also a detailed and accurate portrayal of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) that was showcased in a strangely beautiful manner.

The secluded group at Bo Manor soon has to devise a master plan to avoid trouble. Still, racial discrimination and excessive abuses of power might make their journey a lot harder than anticipated, relying entirely on each other’s wit, intelligence and determination.

Down Wind and Out of Sight is a thrilling mystery with intricate plot points providing readers with edge-of-your-seat suspense. As this action-filled story plays out, the characters work their way into your heart, and you start to question the lines between right and wrong, and do the ends justify the means?

Pages: 394 | ASIN : B09RML3H89

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