The Last Polar Bear

The Last Polar Bear by Dana Rodney is a story about the impending doom of the polar bear and climate change. It might be a venture into the mind of the unknown, but it raises important questions regarding our ways of dealing with climate change. There is a combination of facts, fiction, and mysticism in this book. It begins with the story of Anuk, the polar bear, and continues to explore the effects of climate change and further changes through his point of view and others.

The writing style of the book is engaging and fast-paced. The beginning with the struggle of survival keeps the readers hooked and curious throughout the story. The author has also explored the Inupiaq culture and how they are closer to nature in their understanding. The author has also tried to explore the human world and human actions through the eyes of a polar bear. This new point of view provides a very enthralling experience for the readers. I was amazed to read about the simplest of things being described in a new light. It somehow drew attention to the natural and the man-made in our lives. The number of changes brought about on earth due to human advancements is infinite. The impact is now visible even on the big picture. We need to be aware of the challenges, or we will lose everything we cherish.

Overall, this book is a peek into the current condition of the earth. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The polar bear’s point of view, the myths and stories connecting the Inua to them, the voice of the earth, the Inupiaq culture explored through layers in the story, and much more. This book takes us into the ways of people in polar regions and shows us the strength of nature. Humans need to read this to decenter themselves and look at the earth. This is also the story of the few passionate people who are hell-bent on saving these species even in the face of denial by others. I recommend this book to people who are aware of climate change and want to understand the drastic impact our activities have on other lives.

Pages: 204 | ASIN : B0BLQ596MH

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