The ISSA Manuscript

The ISSA Manuscript: An American Public Policy Statement is a well written book that discusses every critical aspect of Social Security. The author, who at the start of the book says he did not intend to write a book, did an impeccable job explaining Social Security, how it worked for Millennials, Generation X, and baby boomers, and how it should be for future generations. Scott A Ginn is articulate in his discussion, focusing on the vital details and giving comprehensive conversations with just a few words. Everyone knows that Social Security is a federal government-run program whereby Americans are provided with a source of income when they retire or are unable to work due to disability. Scott A Ginn, in his book, is here to tell readers that there is much more that the general public is unaware of.

Within the first few pages, the reader is introduced to the Independent Social Security Administration (ISSA), how one can enroll and how various demographics of people benefit from it. While reading this informative book, the reader is introduced to multiple terms and social security jargon. Scott A Ginn defines and clearly clarifies what unfamiliar terms mean and how they are used.

Tax and taxation are some of the major topics in this book. The author enlightens readers on how tax is calculated and how contributions are made. I also got to learn about terms of trading, equity funds, investments, retirement, and pension. Even for someone with no financial background, this book becomes easy to read thanks to the dozens of definitions given by the author and his explanations when expounding on a new topic.

Two features of The ISSA Manuscript: An American Public Policy Statement make the book worth reading; the tables and illustrations shared by the author when he is discussing complex topics and how articulate his points are. I enjoyed going through the tables. Scott A Ginn simplifies everything for the average reader, making his book interesting. It would take a lot of effort for a book whose main subject is social security to be enjoyable, but for Scott A Ginn, everything is flawless and, thus, easy to read.

The intricate nature of Social Security and related policies appears smooth, simple, and even fascinating for curious minds. I applaud Scott A Ginn for the solutions he offered and the letters to the US Senate, House of Representatives, and the Federal Reserve Board chairman. His letters give the reader a clear perspective of the status quo.

The ISSA Manuscript: An American Public Policy Statement is the perfect reference book for all things social security. The author uses statistics and research to back his facts while explaining every theory logically. As a result, this book has the ideal financial blueprint that is quick to read.

Pages: 62 | ASIN : B0B8Q8D8HN

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