Hidden Family Secrets Start Unfolding

Holly Brandon Author Interview

Nothing’s As It Seems follows a woman who has never found “the one” but discovers that other forces are at play in her life and that nothing is as it seems. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

The inspiration has been my own life. Chastity is based on my experiences. That said, I am a hopeless romantic to the core, dreaming of forever with a man when I can look him in the eyes and say, “I do” again and again. I learned long ago that it’s worth waiting and fighting for all good things. I wanted readers to see a character who has everything thrown at her—lack of success, inability to have children, loss of the things most cherished—but then decides to fight, sticking to her truth and values. She may come out bruised in the process, but she has toughened up because of her experiences, a true survivor.

Dr. Chastity Ann Morgan is an interesting and well-developed character. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

One driving ideal is Chastity’s sense of humor since she can roll with the punches and laugh about all these crazy men who come into her life. The other driving ideal is her tenacity to fight hard enough to overcome any obstacle thrown her way and never let anyone tell her that her ideas and beliefs are crazy and ridiculous because those concepts make people so unique and special.

What were significant themes for you to explore in this book?

Fate and destiny. As a single woman, I talk a great deal to my friends about a new man as destined or fated for me. Can you fall in love and be destined for someone else? Do soul mates exist? It’s a major driving theme in Nothing’s As It Seems when hidden family secrets start unfolding.

What is the next book you are working on, and when will it be available?

I am working on the third and final novel to close this series and hope to release it before the end of the year. Readers can look forward to much revealing but should expect many twists along the way.

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Thirty-one-year-old Dr. Chastity (Chase) Ann Morgan’s continued search to fulfill her romantic fantasy of a perfect marriage takes her to an unexpected place when she begins to have vivid, déjà vu dreams of a mysterious, otherworldly man who calls out to her in the most alluring sing-song voice. While the recurring dreams aren’t helping one iota in her struggle with romance, a structural engineering job opportunity along with a man who may be “the one” sends her back to Europe. What unfolds is not quite what she has in mind, and her life becomes more complex than expected, especially when her quirky family’s dysfunctionalities pop up at the most inopportune times.

To top it off, a secret journal surfaces, which reveals things from the past. How it’s supposed to fit into Chase’s life only adds to her growing confusion as a cryptic past seeps into her future. Can Daphne, her ten-year-old psychic neighbor, provide direction when the little girl comes up with her convoluted myriad of clues? Only time will tell if the current events will assist or hinder Chastity’s destiny, especially when she has to decide if blind trust in love will lead to a day of reckoning. Find out as you read along in Nothing’s As It Seems, the second novel in the Chastity Series.

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