Waltzing Matilda

Captain Delahaye and the rest of the crew of the Matilda are back for more adventures across space. Waltzing Matilda by Jon Gray Lang is the fifth and final book of the Matilda series, an exhilirating science fiction story that holds intrigue and entertainment from beginning to end. The crew of the Matilda doesn’t seem to have much time to rest, always ending up in the most unexpected and dangerous places. This time, they find themselves on an asteroid named the Scrapheap, a place filled with pirates, smugglers and many others that have the primary intent of avoiding the eye of the Consortium. Their mission is to find their missing crew member, Galena Chadov, a genorg who has been trapped and might become, against her own will, a source of complete destruction. A revolutionary sentiment keeps growing, ignited by the unjust treatment given to genorgs. Galena’s strange tendencies flourish again in this book, and the plot thickens as we see her fight with unknown entities deep inside her mind. War is approaching and unsure who to trust, the Matilda crew remains strong, relying on each other to protect who they care the most for.

Author Jon Gray Lang is a consistently entertaining writer. The book was fantastic and maintained the theme of the other books in the series. It all reads as a set of numerous adventures that the Matilda crew must partake in to fight for what they believe in and save one another. As the conflict between the humans and the genorg populations becomes more troublesome, the members of the Matilda are there to showcase the complex and profound bonds that can be made between humans and those that were built to serve them. Each character has its own strengths, and through each chapter, each of them is able to showcase an interesting and exciting part of their journey. With lots of new dangers and complications hiding on each corner, there’s simply no time to get bored. The resilience of the crew remains the key reason why there are always new intriguing and exciting events to experience and follow along.

The narration style and plot made for a riveting and gripping science fiction adventure book that was hard to put down. Join the final journey and get to know the answer to the many questions that have been planted along the series. Against all odds, the crew is set to save their friend and traverse an approaching revolution and alien invasion, doing their best to stay away from dangerous criminals and the threatening hands of the Consortium.

Pages: 379 | ASIN: B0BSGBYTWX

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