An Incredibly Lucrative And Cruel Crime

Carla Damron Author Interview

The Orchid Tattoo follows a social worker who uncovers a human trafficking ring while searching for her missing sister. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

As a social worker, I’ve done advocacy to get more progressive anti-human trafficking laws passed, and to educate people about the prevalence of this crime. I met survivors, law enforcement, and advocates and heard countless stories of trafficking right here in my backyard. I wanted this book to entertain but also educate my readers about this crime. 

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Someone with mental health issues can still live a productive, fulfilling life. The mystery genre has done a huge disservice to people with mental illnesses, so I wanted my protagonist to balance a difficult career and other life challenges with her symptoms. She doesn’t let mental illness define her. Hers is a journey of recovery.

Another important theme relates to human trafficking—an incredibly lucrative and cruel crime. I want readers to connect with the characters, many of whom are victims, and come away with a passion to impact this crime.

What is one thing that people point out after reading your book that surprises you?

The bad guy—nobody suspects who he is! I dropped clues, but he’s still stunning people. That’s a good thing!

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

Justice Be Done, crime fiction about a murder that takes place during race riots, will hopefully be out later this year.

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Crime fiction that makes a difference: in The Orchid Tattoo, award-winning author Carla Damron delves into the disturbing world of human trafficking. 
Social worker Georgia Thayer can balance her own mental illness with the demands of an impossible job. Mostly. But when her sister vanishes in the dead of night, her desperate quest to find Peyton takes her into the tentacles of a human trafficking network-where she encounters a young victim called “Kitten.”
Kitten is determined to escape. She won’t be trapped like the others. She won’t sell her soul like Lillian, victim-turned-madam, feeding the dark appetites of international business moguls and government leaders. But the Estate won’t let her out of its lethal grip, and her attempts at freedom threaten her very life.
Aided by Kitten and, at times, by the voices in her head, Georgia maneuvers to bring down the kingpin of Estate and expose its dark secrets, but her efforts place her-and the few people she allows to get close-in grave danger.

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