Drifters Realm

Drifters Realm by Annemarie Mazotti Gouveia transports readers to a fantastical world steeped in ancient prophecies and extraordinary children. Twelve-year-old twins Ori and Roe are destined to prevent a future uprising and impending war. When Ori vanishes following their parents’ sudden disappearance, Roe embarks on a quest to find her brother and fulfill their shared destiny. As she searches, Roe uncovers a vast conspiracy involving the First Council and a group of outcasts known as the Menace. Joined by her friends and siblings, Roe navigates a world where the lines between good and evil are blurred.

A thrilling adventure for young readers and middle-graders, Drifters Realm captivates with its suspenseful plot and engaging setting, featuring forests, swamps, and other elements that make for a fascinating expedition. Set in a post-civilization world, children are separated from their parents at a certain age, and an ancient prophecy foretells of an uprising that could disrupt the established order. Armed with her magic ring and intuition, the protagonist must traverse the realm and uncover the truth.

Gouveia excels at crafting a compelling narrative, populating her story with a diverse array of unique characters, each endowed with extraordinary gifts and responsibilities. From sorcerers and life-givers to knowledge bearers and storm catchers, Drifters Realm presents a world defined by order and designated roles while also exploring themes of family and friendship. This captivating novel is easy to read and features well-structured and clearly headlined chapters that lend clarity to the scenes. The plot also develops steadily, and readers do not see the plot twist coming.

Drifters Realm by Annemarie Mazotti Gouveia is an action-packed young adult fantasy novel that takes readers on an unforgettable journey. With vivid scenery and relatable characters, this is one story that will capture the interest of readers and leave them wanting to see more of this realm.

Pages: 148 | ISBN: 1639888292

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  1. I have been a longtime friend & supporter of Ms Mazotti Gouveia. She has a creative & imaginative style of writing that will be engaging & enthralling to young readers! I am delighted that she is being recognized for her talents!

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