Daisy Meets the Dolphins: It’s beach day!!!

When a friendly young terrier goes on a boating trip with her human parents, she never expects to make a new friend in the ocean. However, while on their boating adventure, the family sails near a school of bottlenose dolphins splashing and playing. Daisy introduces herself to the dolphins and discovers one’s name is Blue. They are instant friends, and Daisy is sad when their boat has to return to the shore. She is worried she will never see her new friend Blue again.

Daisy Meets the Dolphins by H J Gilfrew is a heartwarming story about a compassionate little West Highland terrier and her adventure meeting a group of bottlenose dolphins. Daisy realizes they have little in common but still enjoys hanging out near her new friend and watching Blue play with the other dolphins. Later on, when they meet again, they can play in the shallow shore water together. A dog and a dolphin who become good friends and promise to never forget one another and play in the future is a truly magical tale.

This picture book is a fantastic story about kindness, acceptance, and diversity. Despite their dissimilarities, these two animals become friends and appreciate each other’s differences. Children can learn that what you look like and where you live depends on the kind of person you can be. Showing compassion and kindness to others is an important message presented in this children’s book wrapped up in a fun and entertaining story.

Daisy Meets the Dolphins is an unforgettable children’s book that teachers and families will love having and sharing with kids. The positive message of inclusion and friendship, along with the beautiful artwork, will have children engaged and wanting to read this story more than once.

Pages: 37 | ASIN : B0B7GFBZD9

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