Daisy Goes For Tea with Mrs C

It is a beautiful day out, and Daisy, a west highland terrier, is walking with her mum. Mum tells Daisy they will go have tea with her friend Mrs. C. Along the way, they take notice of all the different plants and flowers along the way. As they near the house, a bird lands and asks Daisy if she will have tea with Mrs C. The little bird’s name is Mr Robin, and he says that he will see Daisy at tea time. When Daisy and Mum get to the house, there are many new things for Daisy to take note of inside and out. Observing the things around her taught her a lot about Mrs C.

Daisy Goes For Tea with Mrs C. is a whimsical story about a curious terrier and her Mum as they visit an elderly neighbor in her home for tea. Daisy is keenly observant as she walks through Mrs C’s home, taking in all the small details that shed light on who Mrs C is as a person. While Daisy was initially excited about snacks, she quickly became more interested in learning about her host and discovering all she could by observing her surroundings. Daisy also makes a new friend on this adventure, Mr Robin.

Children will love the illustrations in this picture book; each page is filled with bright colors and fine details, so they can pick up on everything Daisy is discovering on her afternoon tea visit. An important message in this children’s book is stated well by Mr Robin, “It’s amazing what a day can teach us if we stop to learn and listen.” This valuable lesson is one that children can apply to all areas of their life and use daily.

Daisy Goes For Tea with Mrs C. is a captivating children’s book by author H J Gilfrew. With beautiful illustrations and detailed descriptions, children will learn the value of stopping and taking in the details of their surroundings. They also will see that making new friends can be an exciting experience. You never know who you will meet when you take in the world around you.

Pages: 37 | ASIN : B0B7GVHSHF

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