It is a time of significant change in South Carolina. The time between the First and Second World Wars is filled with progress in industry and social structures. Women are taking a more active role in the world, and things like automobiles, electricity, running water, and radios are becoming more commonplace in homes. But, for the Bell and Caddell families, their long-standing feud continues, and it is on the younger generation to try and mend fences. When Ginny and Jack fall in love, it is a forbidden romance full of strife and struggle. Family ties are stretched to their limits, and the question of “Is love enough” hangs in the air.

As the third and final installment of Sophia Alexander’s ‘Silk Trilogy,’ readers return to the small towns of Greeleyville and Kingstree in Homespun. Jessie’s personality is as hateful and disagreeable as ever, but her villainous deeds are overshadowed by the introduction of Zingle. A character that feels no remorse has no morals and no saving grace. While misguided, Jessie’s character stands behind her family values and morals; Zingle offers no redeeming qualities and gives readers someone new to hate and despise. He is the perfect villain for this final novel.

What stands out about ‘Silk Trilogy’ is the focus on ordinary people and their struggles during this time of rapid change in America. Between the war, industrial revelation, and women taking on roles outside the home and showcasing they have more to offer than just raising babies, this series shed light on how the average citizens faced these changes. From the country families to the small-town residents, everyone is shown fighting to find a place. Vivian’s character is inspirational and has been from the start. Homespun allows her to shine through and gives her character, as well as women from this time, a voice. Ginny reminded me of someone stuck between two generations, trying to bridge the gap and find herself. Many women will relate to her coming-of-age story in this novel, even in modern times. The struggle to balance family and breaking off to follow their own path is still relevant today.

Homespun is a gripping and captivating conclusion to the historical fiction ‘Silk Trilogy.’ Readers will be drawn into the drama and transported back in time to the South Carolina countryside and experience the winds of change that were blowing through the Lowcountry South. Some of the best fictional stories have roots in the truth, and the world that Sophia Alexander has created here is one that stays with readers long after they finish the story.

Pages: 377 | ASIN : B09VSYQZL9

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