Ready… Set… Frog!

Frogathan Spots, or just Frog, lives on Harmony Lane. He is sitting at dinner one night, and his mom tells him that their neighborhood is going to host an obstacle course. Now Frog is beyond excited about this; he loves any and all challenges. He sets off to start training right away because he wants to win the race. Unfortunately, just as he is about to begin practicing his high jump, his neighbor Mole desperately needs his help! Frog being the good friend that he is, agrees to help. This situation continues to happen each time Frog gets ready to practice; someone always ends up needing his help. Will Frog ever get to practice for the big obstacle course race?

Ready… Set… Frog! written by Katharine Mitropoulos and illustrated by Laura Watson, is a fun-filled children’s book about a loveable frog and his struggles between being a good friend and taking time for himself. Frog has a wonderful attitude and shows his genuine desire to help those around him, but he also realizes that in doing so, he is always putting himself last and preventing himself from doing the things he wants to do. This picture book shares the message that it is ok to sometimes say no, or not right now. Teaching children, it is ok to set up boundaries with friends is essential. Their goals and dreams are just as important as helping others and desire to take priority at times.

Teachers and families will have much to talk about after reading the children’s story, Ready… Set… Frog! The important messages of self-care and a positive attitude will help children grow and learn how to manage their own feelings when things get stressful. This book will make a valuable addition to a home or classroom library.

Pages: 42 | ASIN : B0BXNP55NK

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