Proud to Be Me

Buzz is more than just a busy bee; he is the best friend any animal could wish to have. He sees the good in all his friends and not only respects their differences but he also celebrates them. His positive attitude and ability to show all his friends their good qualities make him well-liked in the jungle.

Proud To Be Me by Kim Farrell is a fantastic picture book that teaches children how being different is not something to be ashamed of. Each person looks different; no two people are alike. Buzz teaches readers that they have value and are special no matter what they look like. Being different is what makes everyone interesting. Everyone has different skill sets that they bring to the world, which are essential. Not being able to do the same things as others does not lessen your value or importance to the world, especially to your friends. Children today are so caught up with comparing themselves to others, and especially in the online world, seeing that they are important just as they are is crucial.

The artwork of Ada Konewki clearly imparts the message of self-doubt and fear of being different. You can see from the animals how concerned they are, and children will relate. As the animals see their value, they become happier and more animated, showing children that just being themselves is enough.

Proud To Be is a well-written and heartwarming children’s book that teaches young readers about self-esteem and self-acceptance. Having confidence is hard, and having friends to help you along the way is critical. Buzz is the friend we all need in life, showing us just how amazing and beautiful we are, just the way we are today.

Pages: 38 | ASIN : B0BZF8L1S6

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