The Little, Big Rescue

Brenda is a beautiful blue whale, one of the biggest in her part of the ocean. She has a unique color that makes her stand out from all the other whales too. Everyone in the ocean wants to be friends with Brenda, especially a little crab named Rimmy. Rimmy is a sand crab, compared to Brenda, plain and small. She insults him when he tries to make friends with her, saying he has nothing to offer her. However, one day Brenda gets caught in a fishing net and is trapped; none of her friends can help her escape. Can the little sand crab she insulted and brushed off be the one to save the day?

The Little, Big Rescue by Ashley Marie is a heartwarming picture book that teaches children about kindness and diversity. Written in simple language that toddlers can understand and illustrated with beautiful color images, this story will grab the attention of young readers and help them understand the concepts in an age-appropriate manner. Teaching the value of diversity can be challenging, but the author has shown how a whale and a crab, two creatures that look incredibly different, can help one another. Children learn that what you look like does not dictate who you are inside, and your physical size or appearance has no bearing on how big your heart and compassion are. Another important message this book highlights is the one of self-appreciation. Learning to love yourself no matter what others think of you is important, and Rimmy illustrates this by not letting himself believe he has nothing to offer Brenda and ends up being a big help in the end.

Teaching children to value themselves and diversity, among others, begins early in life. The Little, Big Rescue is a well-written picture book that shares these ideas in a child-friendly manner and is entertaining and engaging. Children will love following along under the sea with Brenda and Rimmy as they learn about friendship.

Pages: 19 | ASIN : B0872XJVTL

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