Brainwashed: A True Story of Psychological Domestic Abuse And The PTSD Aftermath, authored by Dr. Kashonia Carnegie, is a literary work that seamlessly blends memoir and psychological analysis to provide a comprehensive understanding of the aftermath of psychological abuse. Dr. Carnegie’s personal experience as a survivor of psychological abuse, combined with her extensive research in human behavior and neuroscience spanning over forty years, makes this book a compelling read. Through her personal story, Dr. Carnegie sheds light on the often-neglected aspect of domestic abuse – psychological abuse. In addition, she explains the reasons why victims remain in such relationships and how they can safely seek help and break free from the harmful cycle.

The book is a perfect blend of raw human emotions, insightful storytelling, and scientific explanations, making it a must-read for anyone interested in psychology and mental health. The book also delves into the role of childhood conditioning and attachment in shaping our lives. Dr. Carnegie highlights how early childhood experiences can impact an individual’s entire life and how parents and guardians play a crucial role in creating a secure attachment with their children. The book emphasizes the importance of creating emotionally stable children who grow up to appreciate their self-worth and form healthy relationships, thereby breaking the cycle of abuse. Brainwashed raises pertinent questions about societal issues, emphasizing that psychological abuse is a widespread problem that has been happening for centuries. The book underscores the need for awareness and changes in behavior to tackle the issue effectively. The author’s personal experience and insights make the book relatable and engaging, making it a valuable resource for professionals and students in the field of psychology and mental health.

Brainwashed: A True Story of Psychological Domestic Abuse And The PTSD Aftermath is an eye-opening memoir into the world of psychological abuse. I highly recommend this thought-provoking and impactful read that will inspire readers to take action toward creating a kinder and more empathetic society. Dr. Carnegie’s efforts in sharing her story and contributing to the lives of readers and victims worldwide are commendable.

Pages: 476 | ASIN : B0BRQMX3LT

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