Breakage, authored by David-Michael Harding, is a captivating novel that introduces us to Donnie Chariot, a semi-retired mob boss and horse-betting legend who, unfortunately, receives a devastating diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. This diagnosis is especially devastating considering his line of work as a lynchpin in the horse racing bookie world. As his health begins to deteriorate, he makes costly mistakes, leading to his granddaughter, Alexis, being kidnapped as leverage. Donnie must team up with his estranged daughter, Donna, to recoup the losses and save his reputation.

Harding masterfully weaves an intricate, fast-paced crime-drama that immerses the reader in the shady underworld of horse racing and the empire of Donnie Chariot, aka “The Book.” Donnie’s uncanny ability to predict outcomes has earned him millions of dollars and formidable power, inspiring both fear and envy. Although Donnie claims to have changed his ways, he finds himself a victim of his health and isolation. The author does an excellent job of creating relatable and engaging characters like Donnie, his daughter Donna, his granddaughter Alexis, and Donnie’s loyal henchmen, Nicky, Frank, and Mr. Abreu. These characters and their interactions add depth to the story and provide readers with intrigue, drama, and a range of emotions to enjoy. The plot is straightforward, with some unexpected twists, and is narrated from multiple viewpoints, contributing to its swift pace. However, readers unfamiliar with horse racing may find some of the racing jargon confusing. Additionally, the ending may feel rushed due to the quick resolution after the extended buildup of the conflict. Finally, as this novel centers on organized crime, readers should also anticipate some graphic violence.

Overall, the author succeeds in creating a fascinating and immersive world of horse racing and its criminal underbelly, offering a unique perspective from the vantage point of an aging man past his prime and the individuals who become entangled in his orbit. Breakage is the perfect read for those looking for a suspenseful crime thriller with interesting character development and relationships.

Pages: 345 | ASIN : B0C11T1NLG

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