I Want to Be in Sales When I Grow Up!

Career day is a special day that children look forward to when in school. On this day, they get to meet people and learn about their jobs. It gives them a chance to learn about careers they may never have even thought of. This is what happened to one little girl named Charlie. She is assigned the task of writing a report on a career in sales. What are sales even? What kind of a job is that, and why would anyone want to do it? These are some of the questions Charlie is tasked with answering.

I Want to Be in Sales When I Grow Up! by John Barrows is an educational children’s book that looks into the career path of sales. While this sounds underwhelming at first, the author does a fantastic job teaching children how important this job is. How the things in our home are acquired through sales, and someone has to be in charge of getting it from the manufacturer to the user. This is an important job and not as easy as it sounds. Charlie plans to sell cookies to learn about sales; on her first try at selling them, she learns some valuable lessons about pitching her product, knowing who her customers are, and knowing what her customers need or want. She also learns a valuable lesson about empathy, compassion, and kindness and how these qualities make an excellent salesperson.

When children think about what jobs they want to have when they grow up, they need to be exposed to all kinds of work, not just the ones that sound exciting and prestigious. But unfortunately, sales representatives often get a bad reputation in the media, and this picture book, I Want to Be in Sales When I Grow Up!, shares the beautiful experience that a sales career can bring people. So for any family that makes their living off a career in sales, this is a magnificent children’s book to help kids get excited about sales and see just how important this job is to everyone.

Pages: 38 | ISBN: 1643072382

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