Jabberwocky: Scary Stories For Kids

Lewis Carroll wrote the poem Jabberwocky back in 1871. This nonsense poem was included originally in his book Through The Looking Glass. It is an epic tale of a boy going off on an adventure to defeat the mystical beast that is terrorizing the creatures of the land. It is a classic hero’s tale of good vs evil that has stood the test of time through the years. Author and illustrator Carolyn Watson Dubisch has brought this poem to life for a new generation of children to enjoy.

Carolyn’s rendition of Jabberwocky is creepy and unnerving in a way that will give children a feeling of unease but without being terrifying. It is the perfect combination of impending doom and adrenaline as the hero sets off to slay the scary monster. The minimalistic use of colors in this picture book adds to the feeling of mystery and foreboding. Each page is filled with details that stir the imagination and fills readers with a sense of something great is about to happen. As they follow the boy on his hunt, they will feel the excitement building and be on edge when the battle finally comes. The poem leaves much to the imagination in its original form; Carolyn has interpreted the creatures in a way that makes us want to follow the boy into danger to save them. Each page is a work of art that could stand on its own.

Jabberwocky: Scary Stories For Kids is a gripping children’s book that readers from kindergarten through elementary school will find spooky and entertaining. The whimsical illustrations will grab the attention of young readers and ensure this classic poem finds a place in the hearts of kids today.

Pages: 35 | ASIN : B0C2KXVKQD

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