Surprised By Every Twist

Guy Finkelstein Author Interview

The Sloth Who Didn’t Want to Be King follows an energetic sloth and hedgehog who go on an adventure to try to find a place where they can be themselves. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

What I had in mind is this character, a non-lazy sloth, who is denunciated by society for not going with the flow. The character just came up to my mind and started “living” in my head and getting an individual form. This was the starting point.

When you first sat down to write this story, did you know where you were going, or did the twists come as you were writing?

In this case, I felt as if the hero of the book is writing it. So basically, I was surprised by every twist. I felt like an instrument through which Prince Lazy is telling his adventures.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

First, loyalty to one’s true self, and the fact that when you choose to be who you are – you never lose, because this choice is already a gain for itself. Other themes would be those of respect for the “other” and the magic and power of true friendship.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

Since then, I published a few books, but they haven’t been translated (yet?) from Hebrew. Right now, I am working on a non-fiction philosophy book for adults and trying to publish a manuscript I have for kids, this time younger.

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*LITERARY TITAN’S BOOK AWARD WINNER* – Lazy, Prince of all the lazy sloths in Slothdom, is actually not lazy at all. He loves to bake cakes, swim in springs, ride his favorite armadillo, sew colorful costumes, and do many other marvelously energetic things. It comes at a cost, though. And a big question – what can be done about the fact that all this dizzying activity seems to be making everyone in the lazy kingdom ashamed of him? When a new friend suddenly enters his life, Prince Lazy decides to run away from the sloth kingdom, to find a place where he will be able to do anything his heart desires. A place where no one will try to change his not-so-lazy self. Their travels take the two friends through six wondrous countries in which they meet many interesting creatures. To successfully pass through these countries and reach their destination they must use all their wit, resourcefulness and bond of friendship. Was Lazy right in his courageous decision to stick to his own ways?

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