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At the Threshold of the Universe 

War never changes, only the reasons we fight them. Reasons like love, honor, and vengeance. But what do you do when an old enemy, long thought dead, returns? What do you do when nobody comes to your aid and helps you in the fight? What do you do when all bonds of loyalty are broken, and you are left on the brink of collapse? In the far reaches of space, across the gulf of time, this is the position the Castus family finds themselves in. To have any chance of defeating their enemy, they must stand together or die alone.

At the Threshold of the Universe is the final book in the Song of Kamaria trilogy by T. A. Bruno. Set in the far future, it follows the Castus family and their struggle for survival against a formidable enemy. I thoroughly enjoyed this engaging story. Although I must admit, I was not aware it was part of a trilogy until I got about 50 pages in. However, those introductory pages were so good that they prompted me to go and read the first two novels. They were excellent. And this third one is equally as good, if not better.

As a huge sci-fi fan, I could gush all day about world-building, character development, and plot development in this story, but I’ll keep it short. Simply, it was magnificent. This story had all of the above and delivered it absolutely mesmerizingly. I felt part of the story from the beginning; I hurt and laughed as much as the characters. In this new age of sci-fi epics, this trilogy will surely be remembered as one of the greater ones. An excellent novel by a fantastic writer.

At the Threshold of the Universe is the exhilarating conclusion to this riveting saga. This science fiction space adventure will have readers on edge as they wait to find out if humanity will survive the war or if this is the ultimate end of everything they have known.

Pages: 526 | ASIN : B09TTRX349

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