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At the Threshold of the Universe 

War never changes, only the reasons we fight them. Reasons like love, honor, and vengeance. But what do you do when an old enemy, long thought dead, returns? What do you do when nobody comes to your aid and helps you in the fight? What do you do when all bonds of loyalty are broken, and you are left on the brink of collapse? In the far reaches of space, across the gulf of time, this is the position the Castus family finds themselves in. To have any chance of defeating their enemy, they must stand together or die alone.

At the Threshold of the Universe is the final book in the Song of Kamaria trilogy by T. A. Bruno. Set in the far future, it follows the Castus family and their struggle for survival against a formidable enemy. I thoroughly enjoyed this engaging story. Although I must admit, I was not aware it was part of a trilogy until I got about 50 pages in. However, those introductory pages were so good that they prompted me to go and read the first two novels. They were excellent. And this third one is equally as good, if not better.

As a huge sci-fi fan, I could gush all day about world-building, character development, and plot development in this story, but I’ll keep it short. Simply, it was magnificent. This story had all of the above and delivered it absolutely mesmerizingly. I felt part of the story from the beginning; I hurt and laughed as much as the characters. In this new age of sci-fi epics, this trilogy will surely be remembered as one of the greater ones. An excellent novel by a fantastic writer.

At the Threshold of the Universe is the exhilarating conclusion to this riveting saga. This science fiction space adventure will have readers on edge as they wait to find out if humanity will survive the war or if this is the ultimate end of everything they have known.

Pages: 526 | ASIN : B09TTRX349

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On the Winds of Quasars

On the Winds of Quasars (The Song of Kamaria Book 2) by [T. A. Bruno]

On the Winds of Quasars by T.A. Bruno is the action-packed sequel to In the Orbit of Sirens. In the land of Kamaria, the Sol System has been taken by terrifying mechanisms referred to as the Undriel. Among this unrest, humanity was sucked into the colonized power of these machines, and survivors fled on a life craft dubbed Telemachus. As they traveled through time and space to seek a new world, they founded Kamaria, and established the colony of Odysseus. They settled into their new home and found themselves facing disease, peril, and the threat of a dangerous creature named the Siren.

Twenty-six years later, we’re thrust into the middle of intense action as the story begins, in the aftermath of the destructive rampage led by the Siren. Now we’re following a man named Cade Castus living aboard a spaceship called the Maulwurf. The events of In the Orbit of Sirens are far in the past now, and we watch as Cade lives out his familiar life on the craft. As he gets work on a new ship, Infinite Aria, we see the potential of his world unfolding in front of him.

I loved the rich lore created in this story. Characters from In the Orbit of Sirens reemerge, hardened by the world, and it was such a fun experience to see how they were incorporated into this new timeline. I really enjoyed reading from the different perspectives of characters: Cade, Denton, and L’Arn were all fascinating points of view to see through.

While the world constructed in On the Winds of Quasars is absolutely fascinating, it can be confusing to keep track of with so many new terms and character name. I think this emphasizes the need to read In the Orbit of Sirens first with great attention paid to the character dynamics and family names.

On the Winds of Quasars by T.A. Bruno is full of action and intense moments that will have your heart in your throat. The entire book is full of rich character relationships and tense battles with creatures that feel entirely new and creative. If you’re looking for a story revolving around a whirlwind sci-fi world, this epic is perfect for you.

Pages: 376 | ASIN: B09BS8FGX5

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Star Siren

T. A. Bruno
T.A. Bruno Author Interview

In the Orbit of Sirens follows the remnants of the human race who are facing extinction and a deadly enemy. What was the inspiration for the setup to this thrilling story?

This story had been cooking for a long time for me. When I was in third grade, I drew a comic book called Space Explorers that featured my friends and I going on various missions across the galaxy. It was fun and filled with lovely grammatical errors and copyright infringements that come with a child’s writings. I got a little older, and I tried my hand at making a new comic book in high school. I called it Star Siren, which featured a more cohesive story, but ultimately never got finished. After 10 years of working in the film industry on VFX heavy action scenes, I decided it was time to try again. I had a more extensive knowledge base and a matured outlook of the world, I was finally ready to tell a story of my own. So the short answer? I wrote this book to make that 3rd-grade version of myself happy.

Eliana and Denton are intriguing and well-developed characters. What were some driving ideals behind their character development?

Eliana and Denton are very dear to me. I wanted to show a contrast between two world outlooks. We have Eliana, a brilliant researcher, and doctor, who had options based on her skills and connections but is driven to help humanity any way she can. She fixes People. Then there’s Denton, a guy who had almost no options in life who grew up under domes doing whatever his ancestors before him had done because that’s all that’s available. He fixes Machines. The two ultimately come together after being stripped down to their core fundamentals. When humanity has its back to the wall, it will take them both to keep the human race from going extinct.

Denton is also based on me in some ways, but not all. I don’t know a thing about fixing machines (besides what I researched to write the book), but I know what it’s like to leave your home behind to go somewhere new and strange. I grew up in Chicago and moved to Los Angeles when I was twenty-three to pursue my career in the film industry. Denton moves from Ganymede to Kamaria and deals with some similar feelings that I had once. Write what you know, they say.

What were some themes you wanted to focus on in this book?

One of the main themes I focused on in this novel is “What comes after loss.” If you look back, everyone loses something and copes with it in different ways. To keep it spoiler-free—Eliana loses her family. Denton loses his path. Roelin loses his soul, and Nhymn loses her purpose. There’s a journey in a loss that defines who we really are.

What is the next book that you are working on, and when will it be available?

I am currently in the beta reading stages of the sequel to In the Orbit of Sirens (title currently unannounced) and finishing the outline to the end of the Song of Kamaria trilogy. I hope to release Book 2 sometime early to mid next year, with the trilogy completing sometime after depending on the writing process. Dare I say the end of next year or early 2022? When it is ready, I will have more concrete answers.

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When starship mechanic, Denton Castus, is caught in the destructive path of a devastating war, he abandons his home and seeks refuge on a distant planet. However, this new safe haven has undiscovered threats of its own. Eliana Veston, a scout preparing the planet for the refugees, struggles with a deadly pandemic that is killing off colonists. The hunt for a cure unleashes a new threat to humanity-the Sirens-mysterious beings with incredible powers and a deep hatred for invaders.

In The Orbit Of Sirens

In the Orbit of Sirens (the Song of Kamaria Book 1) by [T. A. Bruno]

In the Orbit of Sirens by T.A. Bruno is a bone-chilling science-fiction thriller that warps fiction, fantasy, and reality in wonderful and scary ways. It begins when humanity is left stranded after a starship destroys the Sol-System. They head to Kamaria where an intriguing and deadly alien species is also in competition with them. The main characters of this book are Denton and Eliana, both of them intelligent and resilient people who go on an action-filled adventure to save their world. There are also flashbacks used to make a more detailed and well-drawn world, but these are well-written and only add to the non-stop momentum of the plot. It’s hard not to get sucked in from the get-go as fantasy and science mix to create a delightfully balanced and quick-paced story.

One of the author’s main skills is his ability to write a creepily believable alternate universe. Kamaria, the Earth-like planet, for example has many elements reminiscent of Earth but there’s just a few things that are off that make it a scary and seemingly hostile place. The mountains and rivers are strange and dreamlike, with strange arches and technicolor waters. And of course, the airborne bacteria causing the “lung-lock” affliction. Which is terrifying at any point of time, but especially when our own world is in a pandemic. It might be a little too close to home for people in search of pure, unadulterated escapism, but I personally enjoyed it and thought this plot element was woven in perfectly with the rest.

Eliana and Denton were endearing characters, both in how they were smart yet grounded and practical. I was on edge while waiting for their paths to finally cross. Although the story is broader than just their relationship, I found I was rooting for them two and found a lot of joy in their interactions. There’s a lot of creativity in the storytelling, both in the non-linear timeline and the way the worlds are built: with horrific aliens and the transmuting Undriel. It is a violent story without being nonsensical or gratuitous.

Ultimately, In the Orbit of Sirens is a story about humanity’s ability to fight the odds till the end and emerge stronger, if not victorious. I was grateful for the ending as I was definitely in need of such a sentiment, and I’m sure many people are too. Although it is a dark and atmospheric story, I think it ultimately shows the best in its characters and humanity in general, so it’s perfect for anyone who has even a little bit of interest in the science-fiction genre.

Pages: 516 | ASIN: B08L1BT3QS

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