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The Adventures Of Pick Pock Tick Tock: The Attack Of The Monkeys

Three teenagers struggle to fit in at the local middle school. Rad, a boy with a warrior’s heart and an artist’s eye, fights to understand why mundane school subjects like math are important. Mia, an athletic girl, strives to get to the top no matter what, especially if that means proving she’s the best in a fight. Eric, a quiet boy with Tourette Syndrome, struggles to communicate and find understanding. When the school suddenly catches fire, all three children find themselves in the same proverbial boat. With their teachers at their wit’s end and their parents called to speak with the principal, Rad, Mia, and Eric soon begin a journey to the small town of Pic Pock for enrollment in a behavioral course to improve their performance at school. But the course is beyond anything they could have imagined, and a wild adventure soon begins in the mysterious woods surrounding the quiet town.

The Adventures of Pick Pock Tick Tock: Attack of the Monkeys by Michael Clarke is an outside-the-box middle-grade adventure. The struggles of Eric, Mia, and Rad are understandable and easy to identify with. Rad is often bored with school and dreams of becoming a great warrior one day. Mia wants to push herself and win but has difficulty relying on others and resents being told what to do. Eric is the character that touched my heart the most. Shy and often misunderstood, Eric fights to find his inner courage and focus. Together, all three must learn to help each other if they hope to pass the tests ahead.

This book is fast-paced and has a good page length for the age group. However, I felt there were a few problems, mostly in how Eric was portrayed. Although I liked that a character with Tourette Syndrome was included in the story, I thought the character could have been represented with more sensitivity. Although the book’s tone is light and not meant to be taken too seriously, the depiction of Tourette Syndrome in the book could be seen as offensive in a few instances. I also disliked that the teachers in the story had so little patience and respect for a child with special needs.

The story is highly engaging and ends with the promise of many more adventures. Though we have only scratched the surface of the magical mysteries of the town of Pick Pock, the continuing tale of Eric, Mia, and Rad has lots of potential. This journey of three young teens trying to find their place in the world has only just begun. Great for ages 10 and up who like a story where anything is possible, this fast-moving tale is perfect for reading on a relaxing Saturday afternoon.

Pages: 101 | ASIN : B0BM9RC95C

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