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No Dog in my Yard

What is the one question parents dread to hear the most? The answer is, can we get a dog? No Dog in my Yard by Tricia DellAnno follows a young boy on his quest to prove to his parents he is deserving of a dog.

It begins with him showing how much love and attention he spends on the neighbor’s dogs, dropping hints left and right to his parents about how awesome they are in hopes that his parents will come to the realization that getting a dog is a perfect idea. His insistence is shut down in one failed swoop leaving the boy with no other choice; he knows what he must do. That is to begin by cleaning his room.

This is a sweet rhyming story about this young boy who goes above and beyond to get his parent’s approval to finally own a dog. I felt his desperation with every turn of the page. I love how the author was able to encapsulate the feeling of the time when we were all children and the longing for a furry companion. At first, I was worried the main character would only clean his room once, and his parents would get the dog, but in fact, they had him prove himself time and time again to show true consistency, maturity, and responsibility. All the key ingredients to a good dog owner.

No Dog in my Yard is a beautifully written children’s picture book that teaches kids about responsibility and honoring their promises. This is the perfect book for any family going through this phase to educate children on what animals require to live happy and healthy lives.

Pages: 40 | ASIN : B09XTMY77Y

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