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The Legend of Paisley Pete: A Magical Story About Abandoned Cats

There are times humans make bad choices, and abandoning a family pet is one of those times. Flynn is confused about why his family has left him in the middle of nowhere; he is afraid, hungry, and scared. So he is suspicious when a strange cat shows up and offers to sit with him. Next, a sweet girl cat shows up and offers him a snack. Soon he follows them back to the feral colony. Here he learns the fable of the Pete the Paisley Cat is real. Cats that have been abandoned by humans and abused turn a majestic paisley pattern, and Flynn realizes his coat is changing as well. He realizes his family has left him and starts to accept those around him, especially Daisy. The following day something magical happens. Will the cats be rescued and find a home?

Author Phyllis Smith has written and whimsical children’s book, The Legend of Paisley Pete: A Magical Story About Abandoned Cats. This heartwarming story is based on her real-life experiences of rescuing a feral cat colony. I loved that the story is told from the perspective of the cats. While Smith says this is because the cat’s view is more interesting, I feel it also adds a dimension to the story of humanizing their feelings. Animals have feelings just like people, and this story highlights that.

The illustrations also done by Smith are amazing. They are vibrant and colorful. Each cat is unique and seeing the different patterns and colors that match their personality bring the story to life. Each page will keep children engaged, looking at the designs and seeing how each cat is different.

The Legend of Paisley Pete is a well-written children’s book from which children can learn compassion. Written for elementary-age children, this would be an excellent book for classrooms and a home library. However, anyone that loves animals, especially cats, will find this book works its way into their hearts and will want to read it more than once.

Pages: 77 | ASIN : B0B1D6CLWZ

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M.J. And The Big Kitchen Window

M.J. is a friendly and curious dog. She loves to look out the big kitchen window in her home and see everything that is going on. She will often bark to get her mom’s attention and show her what is happening outside. Today she sees a rabbit, a squirrel, and a bird all out front. M.J. wants to go out and say hello to these new animals. After barking some more, her mom takes her out on a walk where she can see them all up closer. After their walk, M.J. returns to her place in front of the window to await more new friends to look at and meet.

M.J. And The Big Kitchen Window, written by Vera Harris and illustrated by Tania Ramirez Cuevas, is an enjoyable picturebook that any dog owner can relate to. This is a wonderful children’s book to read to babies and toddlers. It encourages pointing out and identifying different animals and repeats the animals to help reinforce the words and picture connections.

One of my favorite parts of this entertaining book is the illustrations. The expressions on M.J. and her mom are realistic, and I can actually visualize the conversations happening in my own home. While written for children, I could definitely relate to this entire book unfolding in my own home. For this reason, I think parents will enjoy having this book and it becoming a favorite read for bedtime or story time.

M.J. And The Big Kitchen Window is a delightful picture book that families will be able to enjoy together. It would be an excellent addition to a classroom library as well.

Pages: 32 | ASIN : B08JD3H24W

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Saving Gigy

There is no connection quite like the pure, heartfelt love between a person and a dog. In this personal memoir, author Iluta Sutra shares the story of her journey to protect Gigy (pronounced “Gigi”), an extraordinary dog. Iluta’s quest is full of ups and downs, as she puts all her time and energy into ensuring the future safety of her best furry friend. But when friendship falters and promises break, can Iluta find the strength, faith, and healing that she needs to continue?

The tale of a girl trying her best to help an adorable cocker spaniel while faced with betrayal, disappointment, and helplessness resonated deeply within my own being. The raw emotions of fear, desolation, grief, and loss are perfectly juxtaposed with faith, love, forgiveness, and healing. Though full of tragedy, this complex journey is also filled with hope.

A veritable call to action, Saving Gigy by Iluta Sutra, a story based on actual events, shows both the good and bad that permeates the world around us, where everyone has a calling and a purpose. This inspirational narrative shares the story of a dog that means everything and shows that even the smallest actions can make a difference on this brutal, fragile planet we call the Earth. And at the end, one question still remains: What will we do to change things?

Saving Gigy is a bold, brilliant tale of a person doing all that they can, and bravely sharing the story of love, joy, fear, and pain surrounding Gigy’s journey is unforgettable and touched the depths of my heart. A story of faith and love in spite of grief and heartbreak, Saving Gigy shows the importance of every person’s actions, no matter how small, in shaping the future of our harsh and beautiful world.

Pages: 182 | ASIN : B09JJ1SVW8

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Buddy and Bailey’s Alaskan Adventure

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Alaska is home to many different animals and environments. From icebergs to thick woods to miles of grasslands, there is a home for all kinds of animals. Buddy and Bailey, two dog brothers, take readers on an exciting adventure all over Alaska to meet new animals and make new friends. First, they meet a beaver, some moose, a polar bear family, a pack of wolves, some grizzly bears, ox, caribou, salmon, and puffins, and finally, they meet up and play with a dog sled team! They have traveled all over the state to meet these animals, which has been an exciting adventure.

Buddy and Bailey’s Alaskan Adventure by Kai Reeg, illustrated by M.F. Shobaru, does more than show readers different animals. It shares some of the highlights of Alaska, Mount Denali, and the Kenai Peninsula and even talks about the Iditarod race. Young children will learn so much about Alaska by reading this book. After learning about each animal, there is a question to keep children engaged in the story and actively listening.

I love all the different animals that children are introduced to in this picture book. Children will learn more than just the animal names. They get to know simple facts about them and about where they live. It is an excellent introduction to the different wildlife in Alaska. I can see parents using this to read to children before taking a trip there and getting kids excited about everything they may see.

The narrators are two dog brothers, which makes this exciting book even more enjoyable. Who would not want to go on a journey led by two dogs to meet new animal friends? Teachers and parents will enjoy reading Buddy and Bailey’s Alaskan Adventure as much as children as they learn all about Alaska and the wildlife that make it their home.

Pages: 33 : ISBN 979-8-9851783-0-2

Ava and the Last Bird

Ava discovers a bird’s nest outside her window. Each day she enjoys watching the nest to see what they will do. She loves watching the little chicks as they hatch and grow to wait to see if they can learn to fly.

Now Ava is very curious and wants to help the birds. So she tries reading to them. Her best friend Axel hears her outside reading and soon is bird watching with her as they watch the little birds learn to fly. Then a tiny little bird falls out of its nest. Ava and Axel don’t know what to do, but Ava’s grandmother does. He says, leave the baby alone it’s parents will come to rescue it when we go away. Sure enough, that is what happened. So Ava and Axel continue to watch the birds until they can all fly.

Ava and the Last Bird is a wonderful picture book for kindergarten and young elementary school children. Author Tuula Pere teaches children that nature is a wonderful place full of amazing creatures to discover. He also teaches children that they need to not interfere with the animals that surround them. Birds know what is best for them, and people must let them take care of their own families.

The artwork by illustrator Nyamdorj Lkhaasuren is fun and colorful. I loved how Ava dressed up as a bird to sing and dance for the baby bird that fell. The whimsical characters will keep children entertained as they follow along with the story.

Children and teachers will love following the adventures of Ava and Axel as they discover how the birds in their backyard live. This is a great way to introduce children to bird watching and how to properly observe the animals that live around them without causing distress or getting hurt.

Pages: 36 | ASIN : B09K4BTNW1

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Molly the Mallard Duck: The True Story of Kathy and the Mallard Duck She Named Molly

When Kathy finds a mother duck sitting on a nest of eggs near her home, she takes it upon herself to protect the mother. But when the ducklings hatch, they fall into a nearby sewer. Will Kathy be able to return the ducklings to their mother? Follow the noble true story of Kathy and her urban crusade to save a duckling and return it to its mother.

Molly the Mallard Duck is a charming and educational children’s book that shows how caring for wild animals is a lot more challenging than expected. With simple language that is suitable for early readers, this children’s book tells a lovely story that conveys compassion and kindness.

Illustrator Karen Welch does a fantastic job of reflecting that same warmth through magnificent sketch art that children will be able to relate to. I love how readers are able to see all of Kathy’s emotions in the illustrations as she is very expressive. This makes the story more emotional that I would have thought and shows just how much Kathy cared. Every time the ducklings were on the page my young child was glued to the book.

With a hilarious ending Molly the Mallard Duck is a picture book that will tug at the heart strings while it tells a delightful story about caring for all living creatures and helping when needed. With lovely illustrations and cute ducklings running around, kids are sure to be wrapped up in this entertaining story.

Pages: 32 | ASIN: 1466985240

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Fixing Nick

Nick, the barn is looking run down and old. His doors are broken, his fence is falling down, his stalls are dirty, and his paint is faded and chipped. So the farmer decides that it is time to build a new barn to replace Nick. However, the animals want to save their friend. They work together to fix Nick and make him like new again. It is a big job. Will they be able to save Nick, or will the farmer still replace him with a new barn?

Fixing Nick, written by Howie Groff, tells the story of friendship and working together. This beautifully written picture book shows an unlikely group of animals that band together under the guidance of Goose to make all the repairs to Nick the barn before the next day when the farmer has someone coming to build a new barn. Old Goat doesn’t think they can do it, and that Nick is not able to be saved. However, the rest of the animals refuse to give up and will not let their friend down. This children’s book powerfully portrays the message of sticking together and helping those in need. Even when the tasks seem too big for the animals, they find a way to make them happen.

The colorful and cheerful illustrations done by Olya Bond bring the story to life. They have managed to capture the animals’ emotions on each page, the determination, the concern, and the joy as they make a difference in the life of their friend.

I enjoyed the rhymes in the story, it makes reading it a joy, and you can’t help but smile as you follow along with all the animals. This is a story children will want read aloud to them as they follow along with the playful illustrations.

Fixing Nick is a heartwarming picture book about friendship and working together to save another friend. This children’s book is perfect for teaching kids about the value of working hard and fixing things rather than just throwing something away or replacing it. It teaches the importance of friendships and teamwork.

Pages: 33 | ASIN : B09S7MX4YG

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There is something wrong with the world, and there has been for many years. A change is taking place, and, if left unchecked, it will forever alter the world as we know it. Something else strange is happening, and none of those who encounter this anomaly can explain it. A unique young girl and her stunning sled dog appear in random places, and, as suddenly as they show up, they are gone. They have, but one goal in mind and only have a short time in which to accomplish it.

Karina McRoberts, author of Ursamer: A Treasury of Feel-Good Stories Book 2, has delivered a socially-conscious book designed to build a more solid understanding of global warming and its most certain impact on the environment. But, more importantly, McRoberts’s tale illustrates how challenging it is for those struggling to raise awareness to successfully make their point to society.

This beautifully written short story is constructed so that young readers will easily be able to follow the story and the message the author is trying to convey. Each short chapter takes readers to a different location with Ursamer and her dog Nuga. The frustration she feels is apparent, and as her block of ice melts, her hope diminishes as well. Topics of language barriers, misunderstandings, and ignorance are presented alongside the message of climate change. However, this educational story is not all sad. There are moments of joy and understanding, and showing kindness and compassion still exists.

Ursamer: A Treasury of Feel-Good Stories Book 2 is a thought-provoking short story for children between ages eight and twelve, ideal for older elementary and middle-grade students. While the book’s topic is one that younger readers can and should begin to explore, it would make for excellent guided reading or as a teacher-led book due to the vocabulary and writing style. This is also the perfect story to introduce the topic of climate change to younger students.

Pages: 33 | ASIN : B09J1VN6N9

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