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Eat, Eat, Eat! Cheese, Cheese, Cheese!

Eat, Eat, Eat! Cheese, Cheese, Cheese! is the cautionary tale of three hungry mice in search of the big payoff of cheese. These three are named Footloose, Fancy, and Free, and they plan to indulge in some gourmet cheese at the cheese emporium. After sneaking into the cheese store, they enjoy a night of stuffing themselves full of wonderful cheese. However, when it is time to head out, they discover they are overstuffed and can no longer get out of the store. The resident cat, Gourmet, discovers their plight, and she is all set to dine on fat mice for dinner. After a series of events that leave the mice and cat in quite a state, a valuable lesson is learned by all.

T.C. Bartlett has written and illustrated a humorous children’s book that even adults will find entertaining. From the original and funny names of the mice and cat to the amusing situations the three mice get caught up in, each page gives readers something new to laugh about. This amusing story does end with a cautionary note reminiscent of a fable. It is perfect for opening up discussions with children about the moderation of snacks and the importance of taking care of their eyesight. I can see this story being used for a lot of creative lessons in kindergarten or preschool classes, like building a mouse trap and mapping out an escape route.

Eat, Eat, Eat! Cheese, Cheese, Cheese! is an adventure tale of three mice and their daring escape after a night indulging in cheese. Teachers and families will love reading this extraordinary picture book to children and sharing the exceptional artwork created by T.C. Bartlett.

Pages: 48 | ISBN : 173390865X

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Winter in the Forest

Winter is not just cold air and getting dark earlier. Winter is a time of wonder and exploration. A snow-covered forest is perfect for going out and hunting animal tracks and learning about nature. Winter in the Forest: A Seasons in the Forest Book, written and illustrated by Christine Copeland, is a wonderfully put-together field guild-style book for children three to eight years old. From bunnies, birds, deer, coyotes, and even bears, children will see how some animals are active all winter, some thrive in the dark, and others prefer to be dormant and rest the cold weather away.

Children and adults will enjoy reading this picture book with a lyrical narrative and awe-inspiring illustrations. The artwork looks like an oil painting, and the scenes come to life, drawing readers to the beauty of this winter world. Included are detailed drawings of different animal tracks that children can use to identify tracks they find in the wilderness. Everything is presented in a factual but age-appropriate manner so that even preschool-age children can understand and grasp the concepts that are shared.

Winter in the Forest: A Seasons in the Forest Book is a fascinating and educational children’s book that teaches about how some of the forest animals spend the winter season. Teachers will love having this to talk to students about changing seasons and introduce science concepts to young learners. From interesting facts to beautiful artwork, Christine Copeland has created a book that will be cherished for years to come and a welcome addition to any school or home library.

Pages: 32 | ASIN : B0BPN4QQRC

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Jodie’s Adventure on Driftwood Island

Young Jodie and her best friend Sarah look forward to adventures in nature on magical Driftwood Island. With beautiful rainforests, intriguing shipwrecks, and historic sacred places, the possibilities are truly endless on this protected island close to Australia. But as the holiday progresses, Jodie finds more twists and turns than she ever could have imagined. And when disaster strikes, Jodie must act quickly to save the wildlife of Driftwood Island from a sinister plot.

The best books are stories that not only have incredible characters and wonderful plot developments but also something new for the reader to learn. Jodie’s Adventure on Driftwood Island by Diane Fagan ticks all the boxes. I immensely enjoyed spending an afternoon learning all about national parks in Australia alongside Jodie and her friends. Courageous Jodie, who struggles with grief and bullying, is a girl I immediately connected with. I loved seeing the story unfold as Jodie’s path intersects with many others on mysterious Driftwood Island. Reminding me of many happy childhood hours spent reading Nancy Drew mysteries, this third entry in the series is an instant favorite.

The overall story of acceptance, healing, and protecting the environment is a well-written tale of hope. Though there are themes of grief and mortality, these themes are presented gently with the goal of finding peace in a world that can be difficult to understand while making a positive difference in the lives of others in need.

Suitable for ages ten and up and all who love a middle-grade mystery on a wintry afternoon. This engaging children’s book has excellent plot development and a meaningful story. I simply can’t wait to see more from this promising author as Jodie’s adventures continue to unfold. Jodie’s Adventure on Driftwood Island is a perfect addition to any home library, a story of hope and healing, of harmony and love.

Pages: 160 | ASIN : B099MQHZ1D

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The Adventures of Cathy the Catfish and Sammy the Swan

Cathy, the Catfish, is an energetic and friendly fish. She enjoys swimming around her pond and meeting new animals. One day she met Sammy the Swan, and they became instant best friends. They would spend hours every day playing and splashing around their pond home. Then, one day while playing, Cathy disappeared. Sammy didn’t know what had happened to her at first, but soon he saw her on the end of a fishing line. What would Sammy do without his best fish friend?

The Adventures of Cathy the Catfish and Sammy the Swan by Adam Houchins is a heartwarming picture book about friendship. The illustrations are cheerful and expressive. Children unable to read yet can follow the story of Cathy and Sammy without having to read the words. This makes it an excellent storybook for quiet reading time and beginning readers in preschool.

Adam Houchins has shared an important message about friendship and kindness in this short children’s book. He shows how people can still form friendships even when they are different. The fisherman shows great compassion by setting Cathy free. When Sammy realizes how much Cathy means to him, children can reflect on their friendships and develop a greater appreciation for their friends because they never know when something can change.

The Adventures of Cathy the Catfish and Sammy the Swan is a touching children’s book that will leave readers with a smile. This picture book would make an excellent addition to a home or school reading shelf and can generate wonderful discussions with children on how to treat others.

Pages: 32 | ASIN : B0B7KGLG6K

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A Home for Sally

A Home for Sally is a heartwarming picture book about one little puppy that is born missing one of her paws. She spends months and months in a kennel because no one wants to adopt her with her missing paw. She watches as all her siblings and friends find new homes, and she is left waiting alone. One day a family comes in and finally notices her, but will they have it in their hearts to take home the puppy with a missing paw?

Adopting a pet is a big decision and one that requires an even bigger heart if the animal has a disability or medical issue. Author Stenetta Anthony shows children in this amazing story that it is important to wait for the right situation and not rush into things. Lots of people adopted the other dogs, but it took patience for Sally to find the right family for her. Teaching children to be patient and wait for the right time in life is hard, and this story will help them understand the value of being patient.

While I enjoyed most of this story, one line stood out that did not feel right to me. When Sally was looking in the mirror and saying negative things about herself, she said that her friends had said those things to her. If they were really her friends, they would not be telling her that she was unloveable or unwanted. However, Sally showed grace and the depth of her golden heart when she was worried about them not being adopted when she found her forever home. Showing kindness to those that are not always kind to you is a great message for children to see in action.

A Home for Sally is a well-written children’s book that will teach children about patience, being kind, and never giving up on their dreams. It is a wonderful book for families and classrooms and would be a great book to read to children who are looking to get their first pet.

Pages: 30 | ASIN : B09515GN7G

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No Dog in my Yard

What is the one question parents dread to hear the most? The answer is, can we get a dog? No Dog in my Yard by Tricia DellAnno follows a young boy on his quest to prove to his parents he is deserving of a dog.

It begins with him showing how much love and attention he spends on the neighbor’s dogs, dropping hints left and right to his parents about how awesome they are in hopes that his parents will come to the realization that getting a dog is a perfect idea. His insistence is shut down in one failed swoop leaving the boy with no other choice; he knows what he must do. That is to begin by cleaning his room.

This is a sweet rhyming story about this young boy who goes above and beyond to get his parent’s approval to finally own a dog. I felt his desperation with every turn of the page. I love how the author was able to encapsulate the feeling of the time when we were all children and the longing for a furry companion. At first, I was worried the main character would only clean his room once, and his parents would get the dog, but in fact, they had him prove himself time and time again to show true consistency, maturity, and responsibility. All the key ingredients to a good dog owner.

No Dog in my Yard is a beautifully written children’s picture book that teaches kids about responsibility and honoring their promises. This is the perfect book for any family going through this phase to educate children on what animals require to live happy and healthy lives.

Pages: 40 | ASIN : B09XTMY77Y

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Clara & Mr. Milo’s Adventures

Five-year-old Clara’s deepest wish is to have a pet of her own. Clara’s wish soon comes true as a sweet orange kitten, Mr. Milo, enters her world. With her caring mother by her side, Clara learns about the responsibilities and fun of caring for a pet. From playing and exercising to a visit to the vet, Clara and Mr. Milo share seven adorable adventures in one gorgeously illustrated volume.

I love pets, and I love this collection of sweet stories about the special bond between humans and animals. Clara’s journey to find a pet is informative, gently taking young readers through the process of adoption, vaccination, and settling both yourself and a pet into a new routine. Striking a perfect balance between explaining the responsibility of caring for a pet and showcasing the joy a pet can bring, this book has such a beautifully optimistic tone that it touched chords deep within my heart. Pet adoption is an important and relevant topic, and I am impressed by the author’s expert handling of the subject. The illustrations by Lana Lee are bright and joyous, each infinitely adorable picture of Clara and Mr. Milo adding an additional layer of life to an already marvelous collection of stories. The only negative is that we never get to see Clara’s mother’s face. However, this is the tiniest of possible detractions from such an incredibly perfect storybook.

Clara and Mr. Milo’s Adventures: Episodes 1-7 by Clara Donis-Girma contains exceptional storytelling and endearing illustrations. This collection of seven stories is perfectly suited for ages four and up, showing the importance of adoption and the fun of caring for a pet. Wonderful for reading independently or sharing with a large group, these charming tales of Clara’s adventures with her best friend Mr. Milo, is a collection certain to brighten your day and warm your heart.

Pages: 156 | ASIN : B0BB5SVDMC

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The Mouse of the Opera

The Mouse of the Opera by Tuula Pere is a story of a tiny and curious tiny wood mouse. It is a story of adventure and wonderment. It brings to light that even the smallest creatures can have passion and interest and demonstrates how important it is to not be afraid to be a trailblazer despite your limitations, such as being a mouse in Maurice’s case.

A small wood mouse named Maurice and his family lives under a rosebush next to the opera house. They become entranced with the gleaming opera house that plays beautiful music every night. Never actually being inside the place, he is desperate to see what happens inside the dazzling opera house with its luring music. With his eagerness to find out, he hitches a plan to get inside and explore, even though his mother forbids him. Once doing so, he causes such a stir on his tour through the place but gets to see everything it offers, filling him with incredible wonder and awe. He snatches some pastries from the restaurant, marvels at the fabric and gemstones in the wardrobe department, and finally gets to see the show in all its glory up close. All the while making a few friends who deliver safely back home.

I loved this sweet story with all the cute illustrations by Outi Rautkallio. I feel I have never read a children’s book involving the Opera and didn’t realize how interesting and exciting it could be. I would read this to my children to get their curiosities about it sparked and possibly create an outing because of it.

The Mouse of the Opera is a beautifully written children’s book filled with adventure. Children will learn about the Opera as they follow the little mouse on his journey of exploration. This would make a great story for music classes.

Pages: 40 | ASIN : B07H9F2VTQ

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