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God Made It All

In God Made It All by Ruthie Godfrey and illustrated by Helen Ayle are a match made in heaven. Godfrey’s exquisite writing skills are accentuated by Ayle’s majestic artistic abilities resulting in one powerful duo. We are taken on a journey of illustrative beauty through all the places God has touched and his goodness. All that surrounds us and all that is, God made it all.

“From the quietest blowing breeze to the loudest clap of thunder” especially stood out to me because I could feel the sweeping of the wind through the page. The art is remarkably masterful and connects the reader to the story’s overall theme. Each page is immensely evocative and held me captivated and yearning for more. The author has exceptionally encapsulated the incredible power of God throughout her verses in this book. It is apparent that this writer has tremendous passion for her writing, creating, and faith.

God Made It All is the perfect picture book for any person’s library and easy enough for beginner readers to get through and understand clearly. I would imagine this book to also be a great tool in starting conversations about God, the world around us, and God’s goodness. How everything and everyone is connected through God in so many ways.

Pages: 37 | ASIN : B09L7CCPBM

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