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Hot Passionate Sex

Keith is just a man looking for love in Hot Passionate Sex: A Man’s Way to Love, written by Donell McCollon. However, during his childhood, he didn’t see his parents showing affection for one another. The only romance advice he got was from older men that didn’t have successful relationships. Keith had many sexual partners, but only two pleased him and his overactive sex drive. Keith could go multiple times a row, and most women couldn’t keep up with that. The two women that could keep up ended with one being the woman of his dreams and the other his worst nightmare.

Hot Passionate Sex: A Man’s Way to Love was a quick read but enjoyable. The sex scenes were written out well enough to imagine them in my mind. It starts with a set that makes the book hard to put down! I loved that it paused for a moment, and we learned about Keith’s childhood. The whole story kind of reads like a memoir even. I liked that.

Keith was a great character. I felt like he really developed as the story went on. He was definitely selfish when he was younger but grew up quite a bit once he met the love of his life. Pamela was another great character. She seemed like someone easy to be with and be around in general. Finally, Tammy was a surprising addition and led to a dramatic end. My mind was blown as her character developed and the story progressed. The author made this a must-read just for that ending!

Overall, I really loved this book. The only part I didn’t like was when Keith was thinking about how women should hold value to themselves and not give themselves to whomever. So many women enjoy sex as just sex. If both parties are consenting adults and there is mutual respect, it shouldn’t matter.

Hot Passionate Sex: A Man’s Way to Love is a surprising and tastefully written story about a man discovering who he really is and what he actually wants and needs from a relationship. This unique romance story told from a man’s perspective is one that will entertain readers.

Pages: 134 | ASIN : B0B1TGHG9K

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