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Key to my Heart: Love Poems

Key to my Heart by Virginia O’Malley is a collection of more than a dozen poems written during lockdown about love and loss. For a couple of the poems, the author takes inspiration from other authors and classic literature. Many of the poems are thought-provoking, while others such as the trio of Wedding Day poems are a few short verses filled with sweet sentiments.

I enjoyed reading this emotional book of poetry. I liked that many of the poems read like song lyrics with a very melodious tone. Many poems had a degree of ambiguity in their meaning, which encourages the reader to think and allows each person to find their own meaning in the words. The author was able to invoke vivid imagery with her words. The book included an illustration drawn by the author, which I really enjoyed. I would have liked to have seen more of the authors art because I think that art and poetry pair well. Although I found the poems overall enjoyable and moving, I felt that there were rare instances of awkward word choice in a couple of the poems, which disrupted the otherwise lyrical flow of the verses. I thought that there was also a bit of repetition in some of the poems, in the use of the same phrases. I would have preferred a little more variation in the word choice of these poems, so that each one was entirely distinct.

Key to my Heart is an exceptional collection of stirring poetry that is sure to delight literary fans that enjoy their poems to evoke strong emotions.

Pages: 49 | ASIN: B089M1HW9C

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