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A Gentlemen Killers’ Society

A Gentleman Killer’s Society is an intriguing book that will have a chill running down your spine. The story follows James, a young boy whose loner lifestyle lands him in an eccentric and deadly group. James gets to be part of a serial killer book club, a group which despite making him feel like he belongs, gets him to engage in dangerous activities. The innocent James, who the reader gets to understand slowly, morphs into a character with a killer mind. Taking the life of another human being is no easy task as James comes to learn. James has no guts to kill yet all eyes are on him. The character also gets into a dilemma as, despite not wanting to kill, James does not want to leave the group as he feels the members are now in his close circle.

Noah John is raw with his words, brutal with the character formation, unforgiving when it comes to scenes, and very creative. The main story is like no other. As a reader, you are constantly surprised by the turn of events as Noah John adds various exciting elements in his narration. Nothing prepares you for the gory scenes and the unmerciful nature of the main characters. Reading A Gentlemen Killers’ Society gives one the impression of being an extra character in a horror film.

I loved the paradox that was James, his conflicting self made him an unusual character that I enjoyed following. The author’s characters are odd, uncanny, solid, and expressive. The development of the plot, growth of characters, and mystery surrounding some of the characters made the book a consistently compelling read. I enjoyed the satire in the book. There are some parts of the story that are hilarious, leaving the reader in stitches. One of my favorite things about Noah’s writing is how he introduces characters. The way each character is described gives you an understanding of the characters’ physique and their mental state, which is needed in such a riveting psychological thriller. A Gentlemen Killers’ Society is an engrossing crime thriller that expertly uses satire to deliver some thought provoking commentary on society.

Pages: 316 | ASIN: B07W462R4C

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