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Who Are You, Really?

Have you been searching for your place in this world all your life? Are you feeling lost or perhaps misunderstood? Do you feel like you’ve had to hide behind a mask to be accepted and accomplish certain things? Author Ray LeCara Jr. in his new book Who Are You, Really?: The Search for Authenticity charts a path that will give readers a solution to these questions and help them to find their true purpose and turn their lives into meaningful ones.

Life is difficult and complex, and so are we. From the beginning we are surrounded by people. We are influenced by them. We share with them. But along the way many of us forget who we are, we follow other people’s paths and never get to discover our true selves and our full potential. This enlightening book serves as a genuine reminder to people that our uniqueness not only matters, but it’s of utter importance to ourselves and to those around us. Inspirational, spiritual, thoughtful and deep, the teachings in this thought-provoking book will stay in your consciousness and help you overcome the obstacles that don’t allow you to become who you are truly meant to be.

From the start author Ray LeCara Jr. makes sure to relate to the human experience. Through quotes, he makes sense of our deepest longing and motivates us to reach for authenticity, to become our authentic selves. Concisely, he explains what happens inside of us when we choose fear over vulnerability and transparency, and makes us understand that betraying ourselves is never a viable option. Deep inside, we all want to know who we really are and who we are meant to be, what our potential is and in which direction we are supposed to reach.

The journey to finding authenticity is a worthwhile one, and there is some intellectually-invigorating material in this book that will get you started in your search. With recommendations and motivation, each chapter brings readers a step closer into this needed journey, and gives them actionable guidance that can put them on the right track to discovering themselves. The book covers the most important areas of an authentic humanity: living, loving, leading and learning. The right course of action hides in plain sight in each chapter of this book.

Who Are You, Really? can be a powerful tool in the hands of many readers. This illuminating book will help readers understand their standing in this world and will inspire them to fulfill what their soul truly needs and yearns for.

Pages: 158 | ASIN: B0BDSQVPRK

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