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An Authentic Coming Of Age Story

James M. Fisher Author Interview

Spiral follows a teenage boy grieving his mother’s death who has his entire life uprooted twice and heads for a life of self-destruction. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

Though Spiral is certainly a work of fiction, I must admit that there are some biographical events woven in. I think most writers can be at their best when they are writing from experiences that they have had, or had witnessed personally. I also enjoy tossing in a bit of history to season the place and the time, as a way to add more flavor into the body of the story. The inspiration began after emptying out a box I had found in the attic. It had stacks of old punk vinyl records in it. In the process, a floodgate of emotions and memories began to stir, or perhaps it was a hornet’s nest that had burst open, either way, I go into greater detail of that moment on my website at  

Is there anything about Michael that came from yourself or your life experiences?

Yes, for sure. I think that happens a lot when writing an authentic Coming of Age story. Michael and I do have a lot in common. We both are from California and love to surf. We went to Catholic high schools and we were both uprooted to Utah and attended Weber State. And, we both like classic punk music. That is about it. Michael started writing his own story from page one and I just sat back and held the pen. I had wonderful parents; he had a nightmare.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Certainly, the lumps, bumps, and hiccups of adolescence, discovering what love is, perhaps could be, and what it’s probably not, the insane pressure of religion on young people and the existential leftovers that can linger on for the rest of their lives. Friendships, betrayals, and the pursuit of trying to be cool. These were all the necessary ingredients for a perfect storm called “Spiral.”

Can you tell us a little about where the story goes in book two and when the novel will be available?

Thank you so much for asking that! Spiral does leave you hanging. However, readers will find an invitation to my website at the end of the book. When you come to visit and hit subscribe, I will send you the new cover art for Flux and a free copy of Chapter I, “Dead Man’s Curve.” This will also allow me to keep in touch, send release dates along with a special preorder price for Spiral/Flux subscribers.

Book II, “Flux” starts right up where Spiral left off. An event happens at the end of Spiral and it carries over into book II. Dead Man’s Curve begins again with our hero rising from the ashes only to find himself in a state of, you guessed it, Flux. Who is Tony and Sarge really? What is going on with Dave? Will our hero ever find “The One”? There has been a murder, somebody is going to jail, the cops are swarming, there are cartels moving in the distance, and somehow the boys find themselves in Costa Rica in the middle of the Contra War. Find out how, and the choices that got them deep into the jungles of Flux. This action-packed book is planned to be released before Christmas 2023.

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They say our youth is plagued with brutal awakenings. For Michael Price, however, it is about to spiral out of control.
Ever since his perfect life came crashing down after his mom’s death, Michael Price can’t catch a break.
First, his dad remarries a social-climbing Trophy Wife. Then, said Trophy Wife manages to get money from her rich daddy so she can move Michael to a private school and keep up appearances with her rich peers.
Away from his neighborhood friends and the life he has come to love, Michael is put through the wringer as he navigates the tricky landscape of a Catholic private school.
Luckily for him, he meets Dave — a football jock who shows him the ropes and makes school life a little less lonely. But if you’ve been paying attention, things rarely ever work out in Michael’s favor.
Dave succumbs to a coma after a tragic accident and Michael finds himself alone again to face his stuck-up schoolmates and less than compassionate teachers.
And yet, that’s not even the worst part.
More dark storms brew on the horizon for Michael as he is uprooted once again — this time to Ogden, Utah, where mountains replace California beaches, and friends come in the form of ubiquitous Mormon missionaries and one eccentric character, Tony.
Now, this Tony fellow is Ogden’s version of a Dave. And meeting him on his first day of college at Weber State is a welcome relief for the weary youth.
Not only did Tony share Michael’s love for punk music, but he also pushes him toward finding his bliss… in the best and worst ways.
It’s with Tony that Michael is able to explore his musical gifts, but it is also through him that Michael dips his toes into the frigid waters of self-destruction. And yet, Tony isn’t solely to blame.
Also in Ogden, Cali girls are swapped for just one: Danielle. And much like everything else in Michael’s life, this cute, angel-looking blonde leads to more hell — one that threatens the new life he’s trying to build.
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