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Dragon Daughter

After a fateful meeting by the side of the river, an old sorceress named Séya comes across a baby in a wicker basket. Having no one else to turn to, the sorceress approaches her only true friend to help raise the child; a dragon. Jessie- one of the last remaining dragons- helps Séya raise the child as their own, naming her Skylet. Growing up among dragons and magic, Skylet harnesses a great capacity for the unknown and fantastical, but still remains wary of the humans who have scarred Jessie and taken her dragon siblings from her. All in all however, things were going well- that is until a mysterious stranger shows up threatening the sanctity of her family. Now she must fight against the very real threats that have been lurking just under the surface all along.

Once I picked up Dragon Daughter, I found it hard to put down. The atmosphere, the characters, even the villains were well written and thought out. It felt like I was in a world with a deep backstory and lore. The writing nightlight the emotive characters. I could feel every emotion that Skylet and her found family were feeling. There were even times when I fought back tears reading this book. Steven Armstrong has a wonderful knack for fight scenes as well as scenes that just tug on your heartstrings. Themes of family, fighting against discrimination, and learning to accept differences in people can be found all throughout the book. Lessons that could benefit anyone, especially in our current climate. Watching the way Skylet interacted with her family and the memory of her brother was heartwarming and showed how well-defined and layered her character is. This fantasy novel is reminiscent of my days spent reading magic themed novels in the library in my younger years. I found there to be a consistent feel of innocence in his passages.

I heartily enjoyed the story, but I felt that there were a few story points that felt rushed. But still, I would love to read more of this story in future novels. Especially with the cliff hanger we’re left with.

Dragon Daughter was a beautifully written fantasy novel with an enthralling plot, intriguing characters, and amazing action scenes that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Pages: 204 | ISBN: 1636495753

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